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Lover Boy

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Lover Boy
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Genre(s): Pac-Man clone
Platform(s): Arcade
Release: 1983
Developer(s): Global Corporation Tokyo
Publisher(s): Global Corporation Tokyo

Lover Boy is a controversial arcade game produced by Global Corporation Tokyo in 1983. The game was lost for over two decades because it was released only in Japan and before the internet became hegemonic. Nowadays, there are dumped ROMs and it can be emulated on MAME (an arcade emulator)

Why It Sucks

  1. Unlike the other games listed on this wiki, Lover Boy is not panned because of gameplay or aesthetic flaws. In truth, Lover Boy is a good Pac-Man clone and has nice pixelated graphics and color palette. However, Lover Boy is regarded as one of the most absurd and offensive games ever created, comparable to ZOG's Nightmare, RapeLay and Kill the Faggot.
  2. The player controls a naked African-American man, who is only wearing a pink fedora. He clearly is the stereotype for a pimp, and the goal of the game is to rape four white women while avoiding the police. The women are running from him and screaming for help, but after the player grabs one of them, there is a minigame where the player must make her have an orgasm, and she is clearly enjoying being raped.
  3. Furthermore, "Lover Boy" is a term for pimps who entice women for the prostitution life. It's even worse since the instructions say that you should avoid the police and police dogs while trying to catch girls, despite it being the character's appetite.


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