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Little Red Hood

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Little Red Hood
"Oh my dear Little Red Hood! Thank you for your coming!"
Platform(s): Nintendo Entertainment System
Release: 1989 (Taiwan, Australia)
Developer(s): Joy Van/Sachen
Publisher(s): Sachen
HES Interactive
Country: Taiwan

Little Red Hood is an unlicensed video game released for the NES and made by Thin Chen Enterprise/Sachen in Taiwan. It is very loosely based on the fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood. It is a rare game and sells for hundreds on the internet.

Why It’s Not Thankful For Your Coming

  1. You put the cartridge into the NES and then on the cartridge's top you put a licensed game to override the lockout chip in the NES (just like Super 3D Noah's Ark). That being said, however, the game will work just like a normal game if you put it into the Top Loader model.
  2. Atrocious graphics.
  3. All of the stages (except level 5) have the same design and layout.
  4. Ear-bleedingly bad music, described by AVGN as “The same frothy sound of crackling ass”.
  5. Poor sound effects that belong in an Atari or an electronic handheld game.
  6. Various objects can appear and vanish in various places (for instance, objects can be placed in areas out of reach like a tree, or appear in the same spot along with another object)
  7. Poor jumping controls as well as a glitched-up sound, resulting in stuttering during the jump instead of one-shot when the player jumps. Instead, it's used to knock fruits off trees.
  8. False advertising: The cover shows LRH kicking a goblin, but the kick doesn't deal any damage to enemies in-game.("Why'd they have to FUCKIN' LIE?!" - AVGN) Instead, it's used to knock fruits off trees.
  9. It has almost nothing to do with the actual fairy tale aside from the main protagonist and the title.
  10. No status screen shows you how many lives you have or how much fruit you have.
  11. Very cryptic. Some areas require very specific conditions that must be met to advance in the game, and no clues are provided.
    1. For example, in level 8, the key never appears until you buy a potion and 3 slingshots, and there’s nothing in the game that tells or hints to you on how to fulfill the needed criteria for the key to appear.
  12. The only way to defeat some enemies is to find the dog that attacks any enemy he comes into contact with or to buy a slingshot. However, enemies respawn immediately after death if killed with a slingshot, making attacking them ENTIRELY POINTLESS.
  13. When you attack with a slingshot, you don't shoot projectiles with the slingshot but instead THROW it.
  14. There is one enemy that can kill LRH by touching it and that is the bear or panda. To get past it, the player must preform a glitch where LRH gets hit by a normal enemy and uses temporary invincibility. The bear or panda, however, might be intended to be the Big Bad Wolf, though it's extremely hard to tell.
  15. Poor ending that "does not disappoint (his expectations)" according to AVGN.



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James Rolfe (AVGN) called this game "a broken-down mess." Besides considering it a "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde standard," Rolfe also mentions that the game makes him feel "like a guinea pig in an experiment where they're testing the effects of negative reinforcement."

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