Little Britain: The Video Game

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Little Britain: The Video Game
Little Britain - The Video Game Coverart.png
The first greatest failure on Sony's quality control, no wonder what could be the second.
Genre: Party
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 2
PlayStation Portable
Mobile (J2ME)
Release Date: PlayStation 2, Microsoft Windows
EU: February 2, 2007
PlayStation Portable
EU: September 12, 2007
AU: October 4, 2007

Mobile (J2ME)
Q4 2007
Developer: Gamerholix
Runestone Games (J2ME)
Publisher: Blast! Entertainment
Glu Mobile (J2ME)
Franchise: Little Britain

Little Britain: The Video Game is a party game released for the PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Microsoft Windows (named as Little Britain: The Computer Game), and Mobile (named as Little Britain: The Mobile Game). It was co-developed by Gamerholix and Gamesauce, and published by Blast! Entertainment. The mobile version was developed by Runestone Games and published by Glu Mobile. The game is based on TV show titled Little Britain.

In Germany, the game was Refused Classification due to a mini-game involving homophobia related to incentives and rewards, therefore banning the sale and promotion in the country, although the game was initially released with an unauthorized USK KJ rating, which was later pulled when the game went on the index roughly a few weeks after it was released, therefore banning the game entirely.

Why It Sucks

PC and Console versions

  1. The game is based on the TV show that dared to ask the question "what if we made a live-action version of Viz comic that wasn't even funny to builders and 13-year-olds?" and features all the same tired "look at how gross I'm being" kind of "comedy."
  2. One mini-game (most specifically the mini-game at Pox involving Maggie and Judy) involves you having to play a rip-off of Columns until you fill out a bar (or as the game says, Maggie's gullet), before controlling her to vomit on people to earn points. Another one (the mini-game at Llandewi Breffi involving Dafydd Thomas) has you collecting gay magazines while running over the villagers on the streets, who could be Homosexuals (as evident by the voice lines of Thomas every time he runs over a villager).
  3. It has only seven mini-games and they are extremely easy to beat, even on the hardest difficulty.
    • The back of the box falsely says that there are eight mini-games. Though the PSP port of the game does exclusively have that one additional eighth mini-game, but it's just as bad as the rest, since it mocks people with mental disabilities.
  4. The mini-games are also poor, with some ripping off arcade games, like Columns (for the previously mentioned mini-game at Pox with Maggie and Judy) and Pac-Man (for the mini-game at Sessex involving Marjorie Dawes).
  5. Poor controls.
  6. Very ugly graphics.
  7. Horrible character designs.
  8. Poor voice acting and notable one-liners, such as the infamous "I. Love. Cake. GO!" in the Sessex/Marjorie Dawes mini-game.
  9. Repetitive and annoying soundtrack that sounds like screaming.
  10. The boxart is very simple and lazy, as it shows nothing but a plain white background with Vicky Pollard, Lou and Andy slapped on it.

Mobile version

  1. Horrible and ear-bleeding MIDI music.
  2. The digitized sound effects are low quality, due to the hardware limitations.
  3. It has only four mini-games (once again, due to the hardware limitations).
  4. The skating, cycling and diving mini-games are nothing but quick time events.


The game was universally panned by critics and has been considered to be one of the worst (if not, the worst) PS2 games ever created.

It's GameRankings score is only 16%, and at the time, it was the fourth lowest-rated game on the site, surpassed by Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing, Ride to Hell: Retribution and Double Dragon II: Wander of the Dragons.

Eurogamer gave it a 1/10 rating, calling it "Absolutely appalling". UGO ranked it #65 in its list of the 102 worst video games of all time, and GamesRadar named it the 29th worst game of all time.





20 months ago
Score 6
I might have remembered watching Little Britain when I was younger.


17 months ago
Score 7
this game should be used in prisons to entertain prisoners


9 months ago
Score 2
What are you looking at, idiot?!


9 months ago
Score 1
More like Little Sh*tain.


4 months ago
Score 1
This game also has a mobile version for Java.

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