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Lion Studios
Lionstudios brandlogo2018.png
Voodoo of the United States.
Founded: 2018

Lion Studios is a mobile game publisher. The company was founded in around 2018 and is known for making rushed games, similar to Voodoo.

Why Their Games Suck

  1. Their ads are abysmal, mostly consisting of "Me vs. My [family member]". Does this remind you of another terrible developer?
  2. Similar to Voodoo, ads pop up after you complete a level in their games. Heck, after you complete the tutorial in one of their games, an ad appears!
  3. They made a Karen themed game. No joke. They can cash in to any trend that's happening in the world and make it a game.
    • They also made a game based on murder hornets.
  4. Some of their games are never ending and can make gamers bored after 10-20 minutes of gameplay.
  5. Coin Trip is a ripoff of Coin Master.
  6. Like Voodoo, there milking to make rip-off games.
  7. Some of their games don't even have sound in them!

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some of their games are decent. (Ex. Sprout: Idle Garden, Happy Glass)
  2. Sprout: Idle Garden has beautiful graphics.
  3. Their games can appeal to casual gamers.




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At least they mocked Playrix's ads.

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