Life of Black Tiger

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Life of Black Tiger
Sony officially forgot what quality control it is.
Genre: Simulation
Platforms: IOS
PlayStation 4
Release Date: iOS, Android: 23rd June 2014
PS4: 17th January 2017
Developer: 1Games
Publisher: 1Games
Franchise: N/A

Life of Black Tiger is a game developed by the South Korean game development company 1Games. This page will mainly cover the terrible PS4 port, while the mobile version is at least just mediocre.

Why It Sucks

  1. When the game was released on mobile it was a free download, but on PS4 you have to pay US$10 to play it and there are zero improvements over the original mobile version.
  2. Boring, repetitive and tiring gameplay that consists entirely of running around barren environments following people, surviving for a set amount of time or hunting a set number of specified animals. It feels like the typical pre-made asset filled scam game that would show up on Steam Greenlight.
  3. Horrible controls. Combat consists of merely holding down instead of pressing one button and waiting for agonizingly slow attack animations to complete until the enemies die. The tiger can move in eight directions but doesn't know how analog control works, so if you're moving with the analog stick, it will spasm and lurch between two directions when attempting to run in a straight line.
  4. As the levels are completed, enemies become stronger and tougher and the upgrades you can acquire are so ineffective that you have to replay levels many, many times in order to get the tiger on par with them.
  5. Broken multiplayer mode.
  6. There is a story but the plot is depressing, the localization and grammar is so poor that the text in-between missions is borderline gibberish. Examples are: “I'll never step back, Let’s survive till the fixed time.” and “Animal called as human is what I dislike the most.”
    • Due to the poor localization and grammar, the game states you lose (more specifically penalized) points after completing a stage, when in fact you're gaining points used to upgrade your stats. It also happens in reverse.
    • The line "The female tiger finally gave birth to a baby. It's good to find the baby is not a black one like me. I'm lucky. I'll protect my loving family with life" comes off as a very racist statement.
  7. Extremely low-quality graphics with grainy textures, poor frame-rate, very short draw distance and choppy animation that ends abruptly with no transitions in between them, making the game look worse than some PlayStation 2 titles. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5, with its really buggy release and huge day-one patch, looks way better than this! Heck, this game even makes SpongeBob HeroPants's graphics look gorgeous! To add more insult to injury, the mobile versions don't look any better.
    • To rub salt in the wound, this game runs on Unity engine, which has powered many good looking and running games such as Cuphead, Brawlout, Hollow Knight, Yooka-Laylee, Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, Snipperclips, Golf Story, Night in the Woods, Pac-Man Championship Edition 2, etc. Even worse is that some of these games on the Nintendo Switch run at 1080p/60FPS which is inexcusable for a game with such low-quality graphics.
    • But keep in mind the Unity engine is no stranger to awful shovelware namely on Steam. Its games such as Life of Black Tiger that give the engine a bad name and no wonder why people on YouTube like Jim Sterling and DXFan619 often say negative things about the engine itself.
  8. There is no collision detection aside from invisible walls around the levels. You can pass through objects like trees as if they are not there. Animals can stack on and clip through each other when walking.
  9. Bad sound design, ex: there are only a few sound bites for each creature and the background noises repeat incessantly. Complete lack of in-game music except for 3 seconds of guitar after completing a mission.
  10. The music heard in the trailer on the official PS4 channel is the uncredited work of YouTube content creator JackonTC. The music used in the trailer is JackonTC's cover of "Next To You" from the OST for the anime Parasyte -the maxim- (寄生獣 セイの格率 Kiseijū Sei no Kakuritsu).
  11. Speaking of trailer music above, instead of creating their own artwork for the game, the game's cover was technically stolen from a stock Google Images of a tiger and done a simple Photoshop job by just recoloring everything from the original image.
  12. No PS4 Pro support despite coming out after the said model!


The game has been heavily panned by Jim Sterling and Digital Foundry, who have both declared it to be the worst PS4 game to ever be released. Although user reviews on Metacritic are mostly positive, they are all very sarcastic. Angry Joe gave to the game the third place in his "Top 10 Worst Games of 2017" video.


  • This is the first time the Angry Video Game Nerd reviewed a more modern game not counting his Wii game reviews in AVGN Christmas Carol.





3 months ago
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The game is a prime example of why Unity Engine has a bad name for shovelware. When people see this they think all Unity games are like this trainwreck.


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Creator in AVGN (in fiction): Fred Fuchs.

Creator in real life: 1Games


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Does this mean the Nerd will review Ride to Hell: Retribution?


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I hope he is.


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Fred Fuchs

Featuring fucho land


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here comes PAC-MAN


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