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License to Kill

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License to Kill
License to Kill.jpg
"J.R. was a bad guy, but I bet you can't top him! If you get a hi-score you will ruin this message!"
Genre(s): Action
Platform(s): Acorn Electron
Release: 1987
Developer(s): Simon Guest
John B. Hamblett
Publisher(s): Alternative Software
Country: United Kingdom

License to Kill (known as Licenced to Kill in-game; no relation to the James Bond movie of the same name) was a video game released for the Acorn Electron in 1987, developed by Simon Guest and John B. Hamblett and published by Alternative Software.


The 'Top Secret' Sink-lair factories have been taken over by the neonasty organisation, the dreaded 'Surclives'.

Your mission - armed only with an electro magnetic screwdriver and a license to kill, you must recover the prototype C7 3/4 and make your escape.

This vital mission is entrusted to you, the best secret agent the country has and with your track record, we know you can do it.

Why It Kills

  1. False advertising: The game lists a load of instructions like getting access codes from six different computers whilst collecting cassettes, keys and a disk, none of which appear in the game, and the game simply involves going from left to right forever.
    • Also, the instructions list the player having an electric screwdriver and fighting a neonasty organization that consists of robots, when, in reality, the player has a knife and they kill Nazis, as there are swastikas all over the doors.
  2. The game instructions poke fun at Sinclair and many of its products.
  3. The game is played in a tiny rectangle in the center of the screen.
  4. Horrible graphics, even by Acorn Electron standards.
  5. Awful music and sound effects, like the cancan that plays during the high score/game over screen.
  6. The player can switch levels with the ladder, but it makes no difference, as all of the levels play exactly the same.
  7. The game is incredibly difficult, and relies more on blind luck rather than skill.
  8. It's impossible to kill enemies half of the time, as the knife appears only for about a microsecond.
    • Even if the player "kills" an enemy, they may just teleport right next to the player and kill them instantly.
    • Sometimes, enemies come in pairs, and are impossible to kill.



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