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Why buy one Triple-A game for 60 dollars when you can buy 200 shitty games for 45 dollars?

The Lexibook TV Game Console is a Wii clone console made by Yeno Games and Lexibook (An alias of Jungletac, the same company that made the "Zone" and "Wireless" lines of consoles). The console appears to have been released some time in the 2010's.

Why It Sucks

  1. As is par for the course for Wii clones, the controls suck. The motion controls only register when the controller is swung hard enough, and the buttons sometimes have delayed inputs.
  2. The graphics for the games are either the same SNES-quality graphics seen in many Wii clones or ugly 3D-esque games that wouldn't look out-of-place for a Windows 95 game. The 3D games also have abysmal framerates.
  3. Numerous spelling errors and instances of Engrish are present. For example, in Bomb Superman, "hard" is misspelled as "haro" and "scene" is misspelled as "secene."
  4. The system tries to be an operating system despite being a game console.
  5. Some of the instructions for the games are misleading. For example, in Beach Volleyball, the opening demo says that you need to hold the down button on the controller to serve the ball and implies that you can move your character, but your character moves by themselves and you have to hold the up button to serve.
  6. A good deal of the sound effects and music sound like they were taken from a Flash game from the 2000s.
  7. Some games have bad mechanics or level design that can force you to start the level over or even make the game unwinnable.
  8. The music in the games ranges from cheesy to horrendous and ear-bleeding, especially with the .wxn games. The music also does not loop in some games.
  9. Some games are poor-man's clones of other games. Some examples of this include Football with Wii Fit's soccer mini-game and Crazy Step with Q*Bert.
  10. Whenever you hover over any options on the main menu, a text-to-speech voice reads the titles aloud, which can get very annoying.
  11. One of the games, Dinosaur Factory, can become impossible to play after a few levels for players with color blindness.
  12. In the music editor, you cannot add any notes to a bar if the bar before it does not have any notes.
  13. Music, models, and games are recycled and re-skinned.
  14. The stats for characters in several games mean jack-diddly squat.
  15. Some games will sometimes glitch or freeze.
  16. About half of the games are not original, games like Brave Boy and Edacity Snakes are stolen from other bootleg sytems.
  17. The console and its games engages in egregious asset theft.
    • One of the more frequent sounds, such as whenever you collect a star in Ninga Hero or a snowball in Snowball, comes from whenever Sonic bounces off one of the bonus stage bumpers in Sonic the Hedgehog.
    • In Badminton, the sound for when the match starts is literally the "receive instant message" sound from AOL. Other games such as Happy Concert, Crazy Lamb, and Tales of Treasures also use this sound as the "Press Start" and "selection" sounds.
    • In Darts, the selection sound is a high-pitched version of the chimes sound from Windows 3.1 through Windows NT 4.0. Additionally, the "Uh oh!" sound associated with hitting the black areas of the dart board is derived from Windows 3.0 MME and ICQ. The same ICQ sound plays when the main character of Raindrop Adventure dies and in a lower pitch when the main character in Bomb Superman dies.
    • The sounds that play when a hit is placed in Fencing are from The King of Fighters. Sword of Warrior also uses The King of Fighters 2002's confirmation sound in its title screen.
    • Puzzle Bobble not only clones the original games by Taito Corporation, but it also straight up uses pitch-shifted versions of the original sounds! The "Ready? GO!" sound is also used in Hitting Mice, and the same game also uses RPG Maker sounds.
    • A Gryphon from World of Warcraft can be seen in Little Hunter.
    • The logo for Robot is a modified version of the logo for Robots. It also uses part of the "lose a life" sound from Super Mario World.
    • Motor Storm’s title theme uses the opening from "Wall of Shame" by Course of Nature.
    • Winning in Mini Checkers or losing in Gold Digger or Running will cause Super Mario World's "lose a life" theme to play.
    • If you win in Memory Card, Fruit Link, and Crazy Step, the jingle famous for being in DNA Production’s vanity plates featuring Paul the three-eyed chimpanzee will play.
    • When human enemies die in Future Warrior, they sound like the mooks from Metal Slug. Additionally, finishing a level causes the victory theme from Final Fantasy VIII to play.
    • Candy Bear, on top of cloning the standard 2D Mario game, steals all sorts of Mario sounds and songs from different games, Mostly New Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario World. THEY ALSO COPIED THE LEVELS FROM SUPER MARIO BROS!!!
    • Western Hero uses sounds from Goldeneye 007.
    • The Mouse and the Cat uses hideous 3D models of Tom the Cat and Jerry the Mouse in the title screen and gameplay. Additionally, Jerry turns into an orange version of Spike the Bulldog upon grabbing a powerup, and a mouse resembling Nibbles is the second player’s character.
    • Special Mission clones Contra and uses sound effects from Star Fox 64.
    • Wheatley from Portal 2 can be seen in the top left corner of Puppy Corps’ map selection screen.
    • Plumber's title screen character is wearing Mario's outfit.
    • The music icon under the "Classroom" section uses an old version of the iTunes icon.
    • The painting mode is a near-exact copy of the older version of Microsoft Paint that was first introduced in Windows 95.
    • The music editor's sample song, "Sky City.jp", is a crappy version of the main theme for Castle in the Sky.
    • The customers in Cake Shop look like Superman and Batman and they are the only two customers that appear in the game.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some of the titles, such as Bomb Superman, as well as the spelling errors, can be unintentionally hilarious.
  2. Although the games are crappy, some of the games have interesting concepts.
  3. Some of the backgrounds are surprisingly decent for a Wii clone console.






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