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Lexibook TV Game Console

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Lexibook TV Game Console
Yet another failed attempt at trying to copy the Wii, sound familiar?
Developer: Lexibook
Release Date: 2011?
Generation: Seventh-generation (possibly)

The Lexibook TV Game Console 200-in-1 Games is a plug-n-play video game console published by Lexibook (formerly Yeno Games) in around 2011. However, despite Lexibook being located in France, the console was manufactured in China. It is infamous for it being an obvious rip-off of the Wii.

Why It Sucks

  1. As stated above, much like the Wireless60, it is just a blatant rip-off of the Nintendo Wii, trying to copy all of the things that made the latter console successful, but (unsurprisingly) fails badly at that.
  2. Much like other plug-n-play Wii rip-off consoles, the motion controls are very unresponsive and barely work, due to the controller using infrared like a TV remote, rather than Bluetooth like the Wii Remote.
  3. A lot of the games are just recycled from older plug-and-play systems just to reach 200 games, with only a few of the games being new.
  4. Despite Lexibook being located in France, the console was actually developed in China. Most of the audio files on the SD card for the games on the console are written in Chinese.
  5. Terrible-looking graphics that look akin to a game released for fifth-generation platforms, rather than games meant for a seventh-generation console.
  6. The controller is horribly designed and badly resembles a pregnancy test in a way.
  7. The console has a fake disc slot, possibly in order to trick buyers into thinking that it can play discs, but it's actually just translucent black plastic.
  8. In the "Game Player" section, there are .wxn files (encrypted homebrew NES games) at the bottom of the list that were most likely taken off of the Internet, and the reason why the console is able is run these files is because all of the games are just running on a cheap emulator.
    • Speaking of the games, they all have 3 save stats that can be used to "save your progress", but they all get wiped out as soon as you exit the game.
    • Some of these games look so low-quality to the point where they more resemble Atari 2600 roms instead.
  9. Most (if not all) of the games are unoriginal, with many of them just being rip-offs/flat out clones of popular games. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Candy Bear is a notable example of this, as it is just a flat out clone of the original Super Mario Bros., sharing the exact same level design, enemy placements, and even steals sound effects from said game, and the music is just stolen from New Super Mario Bros., such as the credits theme and world 7 map theme.
    • Bomb Superman is just a flat out clone of Bomberman, or more specifically, Super Bomberman, but a lot slower.
    • Crazy Fish is just a rip-off of the online game Feeding Frenzy, sharing similar graphics and gameplay.
    • Crazy Step is just a rip-off of Q-Bert.
    • Dr. Genius is just a rip-off of the shareware PC puzzle game, Professor Fizzwizzle.
    • Marble Blaster is a clone of Puzz Loop and Zuma, and steals sound effects from the latter game.
    • Flying Rabbit and Firebolt Swordman are clones of horizontal scrolling shoot-em-ups such as R-Type and Einhander.
    • Forest Adventure is just a rip-off of Adventure Island/Wonder Boy.
    • Puzzle Bobble and Cake Shop are flat out clones of both games with the exact same names!
    • Bricks Climber is just a rip-off of Ice Climbers.
    • Western Hero is just a clone of most run and gun games, specifically Sunset Riders with its wild west theme.
    • Blazing Fighter and Sword Soul are just clones of Street Fighter and Samurai Showdown, respectively.
    • Wave Man is just a rip-off of the arcade game, Snow Bros.
  10. Some of the games tend to have pretty bad and low-quality voice acting, such as the circus games.
  11. Several of the games (specifically the sports ones) tend to re-use the same music that plays in the console's Calculator app a lot, which gets annoying fast.
    1. In fact, some of the games even steal music from the Naruto anime series, like Kurama's theme, and Lightning Break
  12. A lot of the games are either just reskins of other games on the console, or just flat out re-use assets, for example:
    • Sword Soul is just a reskin of Blazing Fighter, sharing the same exact gameplay and sound effects, just with different characters, which all were just recycled from other games on the console.
    • The character from Bomb Superman is re-used again in several other games on the console, such as Move Ball.
  13. A lot of the games also tend to have repetitive, on-loop music that only lasts for about 10 seconds before looping again, and as well as ear-bleeding audio, with the latter mainly occurring in the homebrew NES games.
  14. Poor menu navigation. It is unknown why the Sports games have their own section, and all of the games in the Game Player section are just listed in alphabetical order with folder icons, and for some reason, there is a cursor at the top left of the screen which "implies" that you can use motion controls, but due to the controller using infrared instead of BlueTooth, it is obviously not possible.
  15. A lot of the games tend to have pretty bad and choppy animation, with most of them usually running at 10 FPS or lower.
  16. The console's manual says that you can download more games, but never lists the website.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The music that plays when you try to boot up the console with the SD card removed is admittedly catchy. Have a listen.


The console was critically panned by several reviewers, mainly due to it trying to cash in on the success of the Nintendo Wii and stealing assets from several video games.



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