Left Alive

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Left Alive
Left Alive cover art.jpg
This game should be left for dead.
Genre(s): Action-adventure
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 4
Release: March 5, 2019
Engine: Orochi 4
Developer(s): Ilinx
Publisher(s): Square Enix
Country: Japan
Series: Front Mission
Predecessor: Front Mission Evolved

Left Alive is a 2019 action-adventure video game developed by Ilinx and published by Square Enix for the PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows. It is a part of the Front Mission universe that was also made by Square Enix.

Why It's Left Dead

  1. The game tried to be a stealth game, a military thriller, and a third-person shooter, but it ultimately failed at that in every level.
    • In fact, the game feels like a poor man's Metal Gear. To further add salt in the wound, one of the lead Metal Gear artists (Yoji Shinkawa) was the main art director of the game.
  2. The world feels boring with little variety in the locales and next to no static object placement to enhance it.
  3. The enemies are all over the place in any level making the design feel unfair.
  4. The game tries to teach you lots of different mechanics except the ones that matter. In fact the loading screen has 61 different tips to read.
  5. The artificial intelligence for the enemies is inconsistent. Sometimes they’ll spot you from afar and other times they won’t see you even when you are close to them.
  6. The game is borderline cheap at times due to having a subpar load out of weapons the player gets, bullet-sponge enemies, the aforementioned AI and worst of all taking away the control of the character after getting hit once.
    • On the subject of taking damage, an animation occurs if the player gets hit, but said animation will restart if the player takes multiple hits, making it very easy for enemies to stunlock you to death.
  7. The graphics look like it was made for the seventh-generation console, making them feel dated. Even though the game is only on PC and PS4, there are games on less-powerful hardware (such as the Nintendo Switch) that look leagues better.
  8. The gunplay is substandard with the weapons being underpowered and the firearms becoming loud. Even worse, headshots don’t mean one-hit kills on the enemies.
  9. The animation for the characters are stiff.
  10. The character makes, while rolling, a quiet “nya” sound. It could be the grunts of the player, but it can be annoying or laughable depending on what you hear.
  11. Also, when you're nearby an enemy, the voiceover will warn you "Caution, the enemy is approaching." over and over again; which can get pretty irritating.
  12. Crafting is a hassle with the weight for items not making sense and junk being useless.
  13. You can't leave cover. You can enter, climb over, and jump over it, but you can't just exit from it. Also why is climb and jump over not the same thing and activated by one key?
  14. The story is poorly written with uninteresting characters and badly translated dialogue.
  15. The Wanzer sections are a complete joke since the controls for the mech are wonky, and the enemy mechas have braindead AI.
  16. The optimization for the PC port is abysmal.
  17. It costs $60 since when it came out, which is insulting given the quality of the game.
  18. You can't perform headshots until you beat the game. Yes, you have to beat the game to unlock the ability to perform headshots!
  19. Worst of all, there is a (thankfully free) DLC that is a completely blatant advertisement for World of Tanks!

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The character models are decent along with the Wanzer mechas.
  2. The game could have had potential if it was given more polish.
  3. A new difficulty setting, Casual, has been added through a patch, making the game more easier and forgiving than when it was originally released. Differences from the other difficulty settings (aside from the usual stuff like increased damage and less health loss from attacks) include:
    • Two First Aid Kits have been added to each main character’s starting inventory.
    • Each character has a higher ammo capacity limit.
    • Each character also starts with more ammo than before.
    • You can now lose eight bullets in the encounter with the soldier in Chapter 1 (previously all bullets were removed).
    • Enemy accuracy has been reduced. They’re still dangerous, but you have a little more room for error.
    • Reduced damage from frag grenades.
  4. The game's cover art looks great, which is a good tribute to the games in the Front Mission series and even any games Yoji Shinkawa himself was involved in creating.
  5. Alongside with the blatant World Of Tanks DLC, there's also an interesting DLC related to Half-Life (only on the PC version). For example, one of the Melee weapons, a frying pan, is changed to a crowbar when that DLC is enabled. And when we say a crowbar, we mean that crowbar which Gordon Freeman uses in Half-Life


It received generally unfavorable reviews. Delrith of the Angry Joe Show gave the game a 3/10 stating that the game was functional but barely playable. Angry Joe later listed it as the third Worst Game of 2019.

It was ranked #1 on WatchMojo's Top 10 Worst Video Games of 2019. The Completionist also included the game in his "Top 10 Worst Video Games of 2019" video, at number seven.

DX featured it on his "Worst Games of the Decade" video calling it "The worst game of 2019 despite looking like a game from 2009, but your PC will think its a game from 2029 because this game's the optimization is terrible".



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