Le Mans 24 Hours (PS1/PC)

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Le Mans 24 Hours



So what do you do?
Oh yeah, my car is bugging too.
No, i haven't controlled it yet.
'Cause the game is pretty bad.
Genre: Racing
Platforms: PlayStation
Microsoft Windows
Release Date: PlayStation
EU: November 26, 1999
NA: March 31, 2000

Microsoft Windows
NA: April 12, 2000
EU: August 1, 2000
Developer: Eutechnyx
Publisher: Infogrames
Made in: United Kingdom

Le Mans 24 Hours (in North America Test Drive Le Mans, expect for the PlayStation 2 and second PC versions) is a racing game developed by Infogrames Melbourne House. Eutechnyx managed to develop the PS1 and PC ports, being these published by Infogrames. While the Dreamcast version was very well received and it's considered one of the best racing games for the system. This page only applies to the PS1 and original PC versions ported by Eutechnyx.

Bad Qualities

Both versions

  1. Awful driving physics, the cars stick to the track like slot cars, even in the sharpest turns.
    • Also, your car will get pretty slow when you drive offroad.
  2. All the cars have the same ugly engine sound, just with different pitches.
  3. Uncomfortable camera angles,
  4. Night time is pretty dark and it's hard to see where are you driving.
  5. Mediocre HUD layout.
  6. No damage modeling.
  7. Professional difficulty is really cheap.
    • Your car gets damaged too fast and handling is worse than it should be.
    • AI is much faster than you and they seem to race perfectly.
  8. While the idea of having an announcer is quite nice, it gets redundant after a time.
    • Also, the spanish version of the announcer sounds horrible and there are some missing lines, like the circuit descriptions.

PlayStation Version

  1. Poor graphics.
  2. Some models of the cars look bizarre, such as the Panoz Esperante.
  3. Numerous bugs and glitches.
  4. AI is really aggressive and will often ram you from behind, making you to lose control.
  5. Terrible controls, you look back by using the down button.
  6. Uninspired and unfitting soundtrack.
  7. The game features a lack of faithfulness to the real-world la Sarthe circuit, while the real la Sarthe circuit takes around 3 minutes to complete a lap, here you only take one and a half minute.
  8. Unbalanced cars, the Panoz Esperante seems to race faster than the Toyota GT-One, the fastest car in the game.

Original PC Version

  1. At the time, it wasn't able to run on some computers for technical reasons.
  2. Compatibility issues with most of USB devices, specially gamepads.
  3. Weak AI.
  4. No music.
  5. Multiplayer mode is restricted to two drivers via split screen on a single computer.

Good Qualities

  1. Decent graphics on the PC version.
  2. Pleasing sense of speed.
  3. Lots of replay value thanks to the arcade and Le Mans mode.
  4. It can be fun at times.
  5. The game features a day-night transition and weather conditions, which is impressive for the PS1 standards.
  6. The intro song from the PS1 version (Bohemian Like You by The Dandy Warhols) is awesome.
  7. Just like the Dreamcast version, it features a nice selection of cars.


Both ports received mixed reception, IGN gave a 6/10 for the PC version, and a 6.5/10 for the PS1 version.


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