Konami's E3 2010 Conference

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In E3 2010, Konami entered E3 to partake their own press conference. However, it had became known as the worst press conference in E3 history due to its extremely poor acting and parts.

Why It Sucked

  1. Extremely poor and heavily scripted acting, such as Tak Fujii being unable to speak properly at times as if he'd never made a speech or even rehearsed the press conference parts.
  2. Acts were inconsistent, bland, and not well planned at all, including the following;
    • Mexican wrestlers slapping each other.
    • Some random speeches.
    • A choir that sang for a game that padded on for 3 minutes which before that was a pointless live-action news report.
  3. Naoki Maeda, while playing Dance Master, is unlikable at times due to his poor enthusiasm and the way he plays.
  4. Some of the games they promoted weren't that interesting;
    • Dance Master, which is a Kinect-like dancing game.
    • Glee: Karaoke Revolution, a licensed game that is a clone of SingStar.
    • Deca Sports Fusion, a clone of Wii Sports.


  • Platinum's Metal Gear Rising would get it's first trailer debuted in this conference.
  • The infamous "One million trooooops. Wooow." meme was born.




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Oh hi, remember me?


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After the E3 2019, Konami's conference actually good but still cringy.

Sofaking we todd it

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I watch this just before E3 every year to get a good laugh.


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One million troops


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From the developer of Parodius

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