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Kombate Mexicano X

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Kombate Mexicano X
Mexican shitposting at its finest.
Genre(s): Fighting
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
PlayStation (Not confirmed)
Release: 2006
Developer(s): Ranflosoft
Publisher(s): Ranflosoft
Country: Mexico
Series: Kombate Mexicano
Predecessor: Kombate Mexicano 2

Kombate Mexicano X (Mexican Kombat X) is a parody fighting game based on Mortal Kombat 3, developed and published by Ranflosoft around 2000 era, it's based on popular figures and social classes of the Mexican culture, like politicians, workers, artists, farmers, mythological creatures, wrestlers, bus drivers and taqueros.


The first game of Kombate Mexicano was created by Rivelino Cardona as part of a project to get his university degree, it was presented at the Expodeg of the University of Guadalajara in 1999 and only 10 copies were created. Two years later, a sequel named "Kombate Mexicano II" which added many new features like a KOF fighting system and more characters was released, this game was more known by the people, being presented in many expositions and even in the Mexican video-game magazine Atomix, however, this game was only sold in two cities: Guadalajara and Mexico City. The third game: Kombate Mexicano X, was released in 2006 and it was the final game of the saga, this version has the feature of being programmed in C++, which allowed better compatibility for most of the operative systems of the era, in comparison to the two previous games that only worked on Windows 98.[1]

Why It (Intentionally) Sucks

Note: This game was made as a joke, and is intentionally meant to be bad.

  1. Terrible graphics that were mostly consisted of stock images and mostly static ambient objects. The backgrounds range from mediocre photoshop edits to cheap CGI illustrations and the digitilized sprites of the fighters look very strange and out of place, especially the Chupacabras one, which seems to be created in Adobe Flash.
  2. The animations of the characters are also of a very poor quality, as they look incredibly choppy and resemble more of an amateur flash video posted on Newgrounds, especially when the characters are attacked in the air or jump.
  3. The AI is extremely poor and unfair in some cases, as your rivals will not attack you at all or will attack you continuously to the point that you can't even take cover.
  4. Extremely poor menu interface that looks like if it was made on paint. It just consists of a black background with some gifs and png images of a map of Mexico and the logo of the company and ugly looking letters that also have an effect that try to imitate the colors of the Mexican flag, the fact that the difficulty level selector consists of only some white letters with the same black background of before just helps it to look much worse and uglier.
  5. For some strange reason, the developers thought that implementing a MUGEN-like system where you need to download the characters separately instead of just adding them from the beginning would be a great idea, but the truth is that it just works for additional or DLC characters, because if you get the game without the characters, it will be almost impossible to find them all separately, especially nowadays.
  6. The character cast is really bizarre, even for a rip-off game. There are some characters that still look "normal"
  7. The game lacks the classic "ready fight" sequence that is implemented in almost all of the fighting games by default, which means that the rounds will start almost immediately without any previous warning.
  8. As the game's thematic was not taken seriously from the beginning of its development, almost all of the lines of the characters are very strange and laughable, especially for the non-Mexican players. Some examples of these quotes include "Ahí te va el pelón!" (Here comes the bald!) from the Innombrable and the Caguas' line "Comida!" (Food!) when he bites someone as part of one of his special attacks.
  9. The sound design is awful, almost all of the sound effects are taken from a stock library and some of them along with the voices of some of the characters have an earraping volume that contrasts with the rest of the sound effects of the game and can be annoying for players that are using earphones, being the Innombrable's the most annoying and earraping character due to his absurdly loud screams.
  10. There are some strange bugs, for example, your character can switch to another in the middle of a battle for no apparent reason, even if you didn't chose him previously in the character selection menu.
  11. Unbalanced special moves, some of them barely make any damage and some others can drain more than half of your lifebar, even if their attacks don't seem to make great damage to the characters.
  12. A great part of the characters have really weird and unfitting endings.
  13. While it's not the game's fault, it is extremely hard to find due to the closing of Ranflosoft's official page, and as stated before, finding the characters separately is a very hard task to do nowadays.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The game had low requirements for the time.
  2. Even if the soundtrack has many stolen songs from unknown authors (Like the one that plays in the main menu), it still is really good.
  3. The controls are kinda decent.
  4. If you're familiarized with Mexican culture, the game can be pretty funny.
  5. Despite looking strange in comparison to the general game aesthetic, the character digitalized sprites are of good quality.
    • That being said, the chupacabras are the only drawn character.
  6. Some of the characters and special moves are very creative.

Download the game

Fortunately, a link to download the game with all its characters has been found, just download it, unzip it and play!
Note: The game seems to crash on Windows 10, it is recommended to use an old version of windows or a virtual machine.


  • Due to the closing of Ranflosoft's official page, the first two Kombate Mexicano games are now considered lost games, especially the demos.
  • After the closing, in the first half of 2004, the Ranflosoft domain was acquired by another user and turned into a pornography page.
  • Apparently an unlicensed PSX port was made and sold in many tianguis (Mexican flea markets), but its existence was never confirmed.
  • In June of 2021, the creator of the game uploaded a video explaining that he was planning to make a Kickstarter project to get the necessary funds and make an updated version of Kombate Mexicano X that could add compatibility with Windows 10 and new features, this video can be seen here.




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