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The KoGaMa logo and several player skins

KoGaMa, also known as Kogama, is a game similar to Roblox where players can create worlds for others to play on. Unlike Roblox, you do not have to make an account to play.

Why It Sucks

  1. Most worlds are poorly developed and incomplete.
    • However, this is a drawback of allowing anyone to make maps.
  2. The free character avatar is not the best choice. It's a pale boy who is noticeably overweight. His facial expression is just blank, with a simple pixel nose and two black eyes. He wears a striped shirt, red pants, and black shoes.
  3. Many maps are repetitive in style and design.
    • Most are simply obstacle courses (obbies) and parkour maps.
  4. The jumping feature is laughable, as your character jumps to an extreme height disproportionate to the size of your character. This approximates to six in-game blocks high. Compared to Minecraft, where your character can jump one block, the height is absurd.  
  5. The graphics, at least the default ones, are usually generic and uninteresting.
  6. Absurd loading times, especially on slower computers.
    • If you tab away from the game or do something else on your computer while it loads, it will make you restart.
      • There's also a spelling error in the message. It says: "You may have become disconnected if are idle for too long."
  7. The walking animation is reminiscent to that of early versions of Minecraft; as the player walked in Minecraft, their arms would swing wildly.
  8. The suicide feature has a hilarious animation, as your character simply lies down while staring at the sky.
  9. The shield given after respawning doesn't work properly. If you land in poison, the effect simply doesn't cause damage, but it will still linger. Even if you are in a safe place and you simply touched it accidentally, it still lingers! This kills you!

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Making an account is easy and If you make an account, several features are unlocked, such as making your own avatar and an in-game chat.
  2. Some maps have had a large amount of time and effort put in, and it shows. A map named Parkour27 is an example, as it has multiple other areas besides the parkour, such as a PvP laser tag area and a race track.
  3. There are multiple power-ups and weapons. One can make you smaller, another can increase your speed, one can make you bigger, etc. The weapons are also original in their ideas.


If you really want to play KoGaMa, here's the link: kogama.com


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