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Kimulator 2: The Bottle Flip Master

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Kimulator 2: The Bottle Flip Master
Kimulator 2.jpg
The "game" still utterly sucks, but let's, at least, give them some credit for trying to improve here!
Genre(s): FMV
Platform(s): Steam
Release: 3 July, 2017
Developer(s): BMC Studio
Publisher(s): BMC Studio
Series: Kimulator
Predecessor: Kimulator: Fight For Your Destiny

Kimulator 2: The Bottle Flip Master (originally titled Kimulator 2: Brother Of Time) is a 2017 FMV "game" developed by BMC Studio. It is the sequel to Kimulator: Fight For Your Destiny. It was released for PC on Steam in 2017.


The French Canadian (whose real name is revealed to be Vincent) from the previous game, must travel back in time with Jesus and his unnamed time-traveling friend, back to WW2 in Germany, to stop and kill Adolf Hitler.

Why It Failed The Bottle Flip

  1. Like BMC's other games, it's just crappy homemade videos, that they should just put on YouTube instead of Steam.
  2. The title screen is misspelled as "Kimualtor" and still has the game's original subtitle, "Brother of Time."
  3. Bad and overly hammy acting. Again, you can hear the "actors" and cameraman laughing at times.
  4. Very basic gameplay, with very basic game development tools.
  5. Unfunny, dated, and downright cringy, internet memes and jokes, such as bottle flipping which was pretty much dead when the game was announced and released.
  6. Out of nowhere, the actors stop to practice bottle flipping for no real reason and with no context.
  7. The “game” is very short.
  8. When you beat the game, there is an unskippable, obnoxious advertisement for the YouTuber who voiced Jesus. He just keeps rambling about random stuff that has nothing to do with Kimulator.
  9. Also when you beat the game, there is an Extras option in the title screen, which has a video sent from a "fan". The video is nothing but the fan slicing cherry tomatoes while wearing a gas mask.
  10. The whole plot is pretty offensive, as they make fun of the Holocaust.
  11. There is a scene where Hitler gets shot in the leg and is taking forever to walk back, and the scene goes on and on and on. It goes on for so long that the cameraman gets bored and starts filming the scenery and even says something to the actor playing Hitler (though his accent is too thick to make out).
  12. Not a whole lot of character development for Jesus, and the unnamed time traveler. Yes, they didn't even bother to give him a name.
  13. The whole game is trial and error, to get a good ending.
  14. You always get the good ending credits regardless of what ending you actually got.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The acting, jokes, and the quality is actually improved a bit. You don't hear them laughing as much and there were a few jokes that were decent, like one scene where Vincent is going through a backpack that the time traveler gave him, he finds a pistol that falls apart right when he picks it up, mocking the lack of prop quality in BMC's games.
  2. The Jesus cartoon is somewhat decently animated.
  3. The gameplay part is also improved. Even though it is a basic point and click adventure game, it is a lot better than BMC's previous games.
  4. The BMC Studio crew now seem to be aware of the criticism, as they make fun of it sometimes, like with the backpack scene.
  5. You can now skip cutscenes so it's easier to track branching paths in the story.



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