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Killzone Shadow Fall

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WARNING! Spoilers ahead!

This article may reveal major plot points, especially considering the game had either been released recently or not in specific countries yet.‎

Killzone Shadow Fall
The game that ended a FPS franchise on a low note.
Genre(s): First-person shooter
Platform(s): PlayStation 4
Release: NA: November 15, 2013
EU: November 29, 2013
Engine: Decima
Developer(s): Guerrilla Games
Publisher(s): Sony Computer Entertainment
Country: Netherlands
Series: Killzone
Predecessor: Killzone: Mercenary (by release date)
Killzone 3 (chronologically)

Killzone Shadow Fall is a 2013 first-person shooter video game released for the PlayStation 4 as a launch title. The game was developed by Guerrilla Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. Shadow Fall is the 6th and final game in the Killzone series.


Taking place after 30 years of the events of Killzone 3, the remaining Helghast take refuge on Vekta, as the ISA (now known as the VSA) give the Hegs needed weapons. The Helghast than force Vekta civilians out of the their new home, New Helgan. The player takes control of Lucas Kellan, who became a Shadow Marshal 20 years after his father was killed by the Helghast. When a a mysterious group known as The Black Hand bombs the VSA HQ, it is up to him and a Helghast Agent, Echo to stop The Black Hand from placing Vekta into ruins.

Bad Qualities

  1. The biggest issue with the game that it focuses on pretty graphics and nothing else. While the game graphically succeeds very well, it is a hindrance on the gameplay and can lead to issues with the game, and it can lead to it being dubbed as a tech demo more than a actual game, which is a issue with most launch titles.
  2. Stupid intro. Out of all the places the VSA could have settled the surviving Helghast, they choose Vekta-the planet that the ISA and Helghast spent years fighting over, and whose inhabitants have the best reasons to hate the Helghast.
  3. And to make things even worse, instead of organizing an orderly evacuation of Vektans from the portions of the planet allotted to the Helghast, the VSA give the Helghast weapons and allow them to commit literal ethnic cleansing against the Vektans.
  4. A weak campaign and a very uninteresting, convoluted, poorly written story, with most of the characters being really unlikable. Most notable is Sinclair and almost every VSA character but Lucas Kellan. This is most likely because the game was rushed to be a launch title for the PS4.
    • A example when Lucas escapes New Helgan with the help from Echo, Sinclair reacts very negativity to it, and doesn't even support Lucas from the end of Chapter 7 onward.
    • Sinclair (read BQ 9) is very cold-hearted and he is really mean spirited towards Lucas (best seen at the end of Chapter 9 where he kills him).
    • Lady Hera Visari is very hypocritical. She states she and The Helghast want peace, yet her father, Scolar Visari attacked Vekkta 32 years before the events of this game, and she turns a blind eye to terrorism committed by the Helghast against the VSA.
  5. Tons of continuity errors in the story which hurts the series.
  6. Bad writing.
  7. Some of the voice acting is weak
    • Lucas's voice acting is rather poor.
    • Massar's voice acting is downright terrible. She sounds like a old lady instead of a thirty year old.
  8. There is a sequence where Sinclair is talking to Lucas while he grows up. But you never get to play in those sequences and let Lucas's character be more developed.
  9. Tyran is a bland and very unlikable antagonist, and his actions are deeply flawed, his terrorist group name (The Black Hand) is too a generic name.
  10. Various plotholes:
    • Why are The Helghast violently murdering people who... weren't evacuated yet? Why were they shooting at Vektans in the first place? Did Kellan's father refuse to leave? He didn't seem like the type to put his son in danger by refusing to go until they were threatened. And why don't the VSA do anything about it?
    • Lucas wields an overpowered suit (which you never use much) with shoulderpads that shoots rockets that could only be used when flying....despite being a shadow marshal, which according to Killzone lore is supposed to be a stealth operative.
    • The bioweapon you were chasing throughout the game (same as Mercenary) They were developing a bioweapon? So how did The Black Hand deploy a bioweapon intended to murder living beings and bring down a bunch of Vektan and Helgan ships and leave them to their deaths in the final mission? Why didn't they ever name the weapon?
    • How did Kellan get that kind of hardware through a Helghast checkpoint?
    • How did Tyran survive the explosion in Chapter 5?
  11. The ending is atrocious. Sinclair shows up out of nowhere and shoots Kellan, who falls dead with one shot despite taking dozens of bullets in gameplay without dying. And Chapter 10 has you controlling Echo and assassinating Sinclair when the war is still going on, thus the game ends in a cliffhanger.
  12. Poor mission structure. The missions do a poor job of telling you the objective.
  13. The OWL is at times badly implemented.
  14. Chapter 8. This chapter is the worst of the campaign with you dying out of nowhere in the gliding section. That will include robotic Helghast weapons that can kill you very easily on the other sections (not too much on the easiest difficulty thankfully).
  15. Pay-to-win micro-transactions were in the game. Thankfully, they were removed in the Valor update.
  16. In speaking of #4, Valor grants players booster items that give them a decent advantage. But as said in #4, they were only bought with real world money.
  17. Terrible character design for the New Helgan citizens. Also, for some reason they speak with American accents while the soldiers still use British/Australian accents.
  18. Cosmetics (aside with a few expectations from such as of the voice overs and tons of OWL skins) are awful, with multiplayer customization being abysmal for your VSA and Helghast troops.
  19. While the multiplayer is fun, it can fell lifeless at times due the mode removing death sounds and screams from the previous game.
  20. A Helghast enemy type has a shield, which is very annoying, especially on the hardest difficulty. Same thing to spider mines.
  21. Some section are tedious to get past through and the hard difficulty (the start of Chapter 7 where you need to glide down to the core the ship, same thing with gliding through the ruins of planet Helgan).
  22. The game is very arbitrary about what you can and can't use as cover, which makes firefights very difficult.
  23. While Killzone 3 allowed the player to equip one sidearm, one primary weapon, and one heavy weapon, this game only allows you to equip the LSR44-which can't be swapped out for another weapon-and one other weapon, which limits the amount of firepower you can carry.
  24. Despite the Intercept Expansion is now unplayable thanks to servers being shutdown

Good Qualities

  1. Fun online multiplayer, as it is heavily improved from Killzone 3 (which servers for that game has been down as of March 29, 2018). It is even a great offering for PS4 users when the game came out. Unfortunately, the servers were shutdown on August 12th, 2022. Only the singleplayer and offline botzone (multiplayer with bots offline) only remain.
  2. The 10 multiplayer maps are fun to play on.
  3. Great soundtrack. Which is mostly said with other entries.
  4. Decent voice acting (expect Lucas and Massar's).
  5. You can carry two primary weapons, although it limits firepower that can be carried.
  6. Lucas Kellan is a okay protagonist as said in BQ #2 aside from a lack of character development.
  7. Echo is rather a decent character and she is less cold hearted then Sinclair, and she is the only likable Helghast related character.
  8. Good DLC, most notable is the Intercept expansion, with co-op, a new mode in the series.
  9. Beautiful graphics for a launch title (aside from the bad character design for New Helgan citizens). The environments are really good too. Chapters such as Chapter 2 (which takes place in the forest) Chapters 5 and 6 (takes place in New Helgan) and the devastated Helgan (which was (spoiler) destroyed by ISA solders in the ending of Killzone 3) in Chapter 8 are some examples.
  10. Maps have been released for free, which is nice.
  11. You can get paid cosmetic items from the cosmetic mystery box for free, even if most of them are bad.
  12. An update toned Chapter 7 & 8's difficulty down.
  13. Great gunplay.
  14. The campaign has its moments there and there.
  15. If you can get past its poor story and some its issues, the gameplay is decent in single player.
  16. The design for the Helghast soldiers in the game is really awesome.
  17. Depending on your view, the game at least tries to be different from previous entries (which was with Killzone 1, where Vekta was invaded by the Helghast, and with Killzone 2 and 3, where the ISA attacks back on The Helghast) where it tries to become Chapter 2 of the series.
  18. The game makes an effort to develop the Helghast beyond "generic evil empire" by having the player encounter Helghast civilians and giving you the chance to help them at several points.
  19. Clown closets (endless waves of enemies come nonstop until you push forward) are been removed.
  20. Some nice easter eggs such as in Chapter 1 which is the Dark Trolls poster (a reference to the Dark Souls series) and a holograph of one of the Machines from Horizon Zero Dawn.
  21. Some of the voice-overs in multiplayer are great, with it reaching from Rico Velasquez and Radec's voice overs (even their voice actors reprise their roles) to a built-on-war VSA/Helghast voice-over that shouts out profanity, though sometimes the cursing is censored by bleeping.


Killzone: Shadow Fall was met with mostly mixed reception, with many considering it to be the weakest game in the series. On Metacritic, the game has a critic score of 73/100, and a user score of 6.8/10.[1]

Angry Joe gave the game a 6/10, giving praise for the multiplayer, but panned the campaign.

Jarek The Gaming Dragon criticized the half of the single player, and it's story. Although he praised the game for it's visuals, some of the levels, and the gunplay, He stated that "It had a lot of potential that it didn't keep, at times it did, but at times it's consistent. It's not really very good." He admitted in one of his streams that the game was strait forward.

Many people believe that this game killed the series. As Shadow Fall being the final installment in the series, there hasn't been any new Killzone games released or announced since this game was released despite selling well enough, as Guerrilla's next game would be Horizon Zero Dawn, and nowadays, the focus for Guerrilla Game is the Horizon series, leaving the Killzone series left untouched since.


  • The Ability to make or manage a clan is not possible as of early January 2021, as was shutdown.
  • Sony was sued back in August of 2014 over the resolution of the game not running as advertised, as there were reports by Digital Foundry that the multiplayer mode running at 920 by 1080 resolution, and Guerilla Games had to make an article on the website that was shutdown as said above, to explain the issue regarding the 1080P resolution. The lawsuit was dismissed in May of 2015.




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