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Kick the Buddy (2017)

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Kick the Buddy
Kick the Buddy.jpg
This game is the real loser.
Genre(s): Simulation
Platform(s): iOS
Release: 2011 (original)
2012 (Crustalli)
2017 (Playgendary)
Developer(s): Playgendary
Successor: Kick the Buddy: Forever

Kick the Buddy is a 2017 iOS and Android action game by Playgendary. It is about a talking ragdoll that you can beat up, torture, and kill. It was originally released in 2011 by Crustalli, then in 2014, the game was passed on to Crazylion Studios Limited and finally in 2017, the game was passed on to Playgendary.

Why It's (Intentionally?) the Real Loser

  1. The game is a cheap clone of Beat the Boss series and Interactive Buddy, (Though it may be an inspiration for Interactive Buddy) but with more annoying characters, such as Buddy.
  2. The game heavily relies on microtransactions and ads. For exampleː
    • Adding blood to the game or removing the ads cost $4.99 each, which is $10 in total.
    • If you get a present that requires an ad to tap anywhere on the screen will cause an ad to play. However, waiting a few seconds will allow you to skip the ad, although you will not get the reward. Additionally, the "FREE GOLD" button doesn't tell you that an ad will be played beforehand.
    • Some items in the shop cost gold or real money to purchase. Some items also require you to watch multiple ads or invite friends to obtain them unless you pay with gold.
  3. Buddy's lines are corny, unfunny, and very annoying. Thankfully, they can be turned off.
  4. Sometimes, when you KO Buddy, a pop-up begging you to rate the game appears, even if you already rated it. Other times, the game just crashes.
  5. The gameplay is only fun in short doses.
  6. Cringeworthy, annoying, and downright insulting advertisements for the game. For example, there is a YouTube ad for the game where Buddy is about to be subject to a guillotine and says things like "your mom is fat" and "Ha, gayyy!", (Referencing an internet meme) the latter of which could be offensive to homosexuals. However, the "Ha, gayyy!" line has been reportedly removed from the ads.
    • Other than an ad mentioned above, most of their ads revolves around Buddy insulting the "player" (the most common insult being "Ha! Loser!", which is repeated several times throughout the ad.), which is considered disrespectful in general.
    • Annoyingly enough, advertisements for this game are present in lots of other mobile games.
    • At first, the game's ads are true, honest to the gameplay and didn't lie about the game, but the ads from 2017 and onward started to clickbait players. In one ad, it says that you can draw your weapons, when in reality, you can't. You have to buy it.
  7. There are occasional popups that promote a membership.
  8. Its sequel, Kick the Buddy: Forever, is not much better.
  9. Once you've brought everything with a certain currency, it becomes useless. You still earn them though daily gifts and you can still purchase them. Essentially, you'll be paying for something that is absolutely useless!

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The graphics are still great.
  2. As said earlier, you can turn off Buddy's voice so you wouldn't get annoyed.
  3. It's quite good to play the game offline, as you wouldn't get pester by loads of ads.
  4. It can be a good stress-relief game. It can also be a good game to cool off your anger.
  5. There are tons of ways in which you can torture your buddy. Too bad that they are under a paywall.
  6. The sequel has more fluid animation and design.
  7. The game was better when it was being developed by Crustalli.
  8. Buddy's lines, while corny, are still considered funny to some.


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