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This company is no longer that old Kotobuki System as we know today.
Founded: 1984
1991 (Kemco America)
2001 (Kemco U.S.A.)
Defunct: 2000 (Kemco America)
2007 (Kemco U.S.A.)
Headquarters: Kure, Hiroshima, Japan

Kemco (abbreviated from Kotobuki Engineering & Manufacturing Co., Ltd., formally Kotobuki System Co., Ltd. until 2004) is a Japanese video game developer that was known for making Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle, Kid Klown, Top Gear (Developed by Gremlin Graphics, who is believed to be the old name of now-defunct british developer Gremlin Interactive), Kemco is currently focused on producing Japanese-style RPGs (JRPGs) and visual novels as Kotobuki Solution Co., Ltd.

Before Kemco opens American branch, in September 1988 to December 1991, Kemco games were distributed in North America by Seika Corporation, using Kemco ▲ Seika brand.

Why They Suck

  1. They ignored and milked their franchises to death, their Kid Klown and Top Gear died because of this, they also no longer to care about their old IPs nowdays.
  2. Speaking of their Kid Klown, They redesigned Kid Klown in 1994 and published the second installment of the Kid Klown series, Kid Klown in Crazy Chase, they later ruined themselves Kid Klown in 1997, with the last 2 games, The Bombing Islands and Soreyuke!! Kid, Soreyuke!! Kid was released in 1997 before the Game Boy Color reskin Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 3 came out. So there are only 5 Kid Klown games. (Kid Klown in Night Mayor World, Kid Klown in Crazy Chase, Kid Klown 2: Love Love Hani Soudatsusen, The Bombing Islands and Soreyuke!! Kid)
  3. They even reskinned many times and the American branch couldn't get rights with other companies, this will mainly focus on the American branch couldn't get rights with Disney. (Specially Kemco ▲ Seika, a division of Seika Corporation)
    • Snoopy's Silly Sports Spectacular is basically reskin of Donald Duck, which it was released in 1989 for USA.
    • LJN already had the rights to publish Who Framed Roger Rabbit for western markets in 1988, It actually prevented Roger Rabbit on the Famicom Disk System, a far better game, from being released in western markets, so that's why Kemco had to change it to Bugs Bunny.
    • Capcom had all rights with Disney in America, The first two Mickey Mouse games on Game Boy are changed to Bugs Bunny, Kemco of Japan later re-released two games as Bugs Bunny Collection in 1997 for Japan.
    • The Real Ghostbusters / Mickey Mouse IV / Garfield Labyrinth are basically same game, and they're a direct lift of P.P. Hammer and his Pneumatic Weapon.
    • Mickey Mouse: Magic Wands was originally released only in Japan (1993) and Europe (1995), until 1998 Nintendo released the game in America.
    • As well as Mickey Mouse: Dream Balloon, the English version become Kid Klown in Night Mayor World in America.
    • Woody Woodpecker In: Crazy Castle 5 is just a re-hash of previous game, Bugs Bunny In: Crazy Castle 4.
    • The Bombing Island (Mobile Port) is basically a mediocore Kid Klown styled reskin of Bombuzal.
  4. They are behind of the infamous game, Daikatana, which its N64 port is even worse than PC port.
  5. They are notorious for poorly using licenses, such as their Superman and two Batman games, even Universal Studios Japan.
  6. In the later years, they seldom or no longer to publish non-RPG games, and its American branch was closed in 2007.
    • They distributed Super Street: The Game in Japan for targeting the Japanese market, which the game itself is awful.
    • However, it also happened to Kemco America (1991-2000).
    • Instead, later Kemco games are published in America and Europe by Kemco Japan itself, since Kemco U.S.A. was closed.
  7. They also do pop-up advertisements in their mobile games, any unpaid mobile games from it may bombard you with pop-ups. Some of their unpaid games require you to pay for them in order to play them without pop-ups, forcing you to go to a store to buy a point card. Kemco is also the example.
  8. When they are primarily known for their RPG games in the 2010s, most of their RPG games are not very good, they also couldn't even make AAA titles.
    • For example, the 3DS port of Chronus Arc received generally unfavorable reviews, On Metacritic, it holds a rating of 40/100.
  9. For their RPG games, they love to recycle games even to this day with their Crappy / Generic RPGs made with RPG Maker, unlike Square Enix.
    • Revenant Saga can be one of the Generic JRPGs, due to it sticks too closely to the established traditions of JRPGs.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. They actually did many good games, such as Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle, Egg Mania, Mickey Mouse: Magic Wands, Blouder Dash EX, Top Gear and more.
    • Despite their RPG games are not good, some of their RPG games are pretty decent, like Symphony of Eternity, Asdivice Saga, and Fantasy Chronicle.
  2. They also formally known for porting computer ports on the console and handheld ports, like the NES port of MacVenture trilogy, GBC port of Spy vs Spy and Daikatana are very good.
    • However, the GBC port of Daikatana released only in Europe due to the negative reputation of its Windows and Nintendo 64 counterparts, the Japanese version was released as a downloadable content for the Nintendo Power cartridge in 2001.
  3. Mentioned in WTS #6, they published My Dearest Direst Disaster in 2018, but it is Kemco's only 2010s and final non-RPG game.




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