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KeGamingTv Official Logo.jpg
The Asian King of Clickbait
Profile: KeGamingTv
Style: Gaming
Date Joined: February 25, 2016
Twitter: KeGamingTv
Facebook: KeGamingTv
Other Media: Official website: KeGamingTv
Google+: KeGamingTv
Instagram: KeGamingTv
No. of videos: 1416+
Schedule: Twice daily
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 545K+

KeGamingTv is an Asian YouTuber known for his GTA V videos. He has over 545 thousand subscribers and 201 million video views as of February 9, 2019.

Why He Sucks

  1. Almost every single videos in his channel are nothing but GTA V!
  2. Every single video on his channel has clickbait thumbnails and clickbait titles in them, starting from his very first upload!
  3. He now clickbaits nothing but a "Real Life" mod for GTA V!
  4. Most of his commentary and reactions are very cringy and look very forced.
  5. Adding on to WIS #4, his content is very boring to watch and not funny at all.
  6. He makes the GTA V modding community look bad, just like how LispyJimmy makes the vanilla GTA V game community look bad.
  7. He has a very awful fanbase who somehow like his content despite how cringy he is. Also, they consist of really childish working adults.
  8. He actually stole JackSepticEye's catchphrase in one of his videos!
  9. He nowadays likes to use his latest videos as his channel trailer, in an attempt to get them viewed as much as possible by new fans to his channel.

Some of KeGamingTv's videos

KeGamingTV's official channel trailer
The very first video uploaded on his channel
The most-viewed video on his channel


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