Kart Fighter

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Kart Fighter
Hey kids, want to see a fighting game with Super Mario Kart characters? No? Then play Super Smash Bros. instead.
Genre: Fighting
Platforms: Famicom/NES
Release Date: 1993
Developer: Hummer Team
Publisher: Ge De Industry Co.

Kart Fighter is an unlicensed 2D fighting game by Hummer Team, the developers who were responsible for the Super Mario World (NES) bootleg. 

Why It Sucks

  1. The game features unauthorized appearances by Nintendo's mascot Mario and the rest of the cast of Super Mario Kart in a port of Street Fighter II.
  2. Low-quality character sprites. For instance, Toad appears more human-like, Koopa Troopa looks more realistic and rather creepy-looking, and Donkey Kong Jr. wears a tank top and shorts instead of a leotard.
  3. Ear-bleeding music. For example, this game's cover of Koopa Beach from Super Mario Kart played on Peach's stage hardly sounds anything like the song it's copied from.
  4. Very slow-paced framerate.
  5. When playing with a friend in 2P mode, it is nearly impossible to KO your opponent, due to its controls and very limited time in each round.
  6. Terrible controls, as bad as the original Street Fighter game from 1987.
  7. Most of the characters' names are misspelled such as Mario's name being "Mari", Yoshi being "Yossy", and Donkey Kong Jr.'s name as "Donkey" rather than "DK Jr.". This is probably made to avoid copyright infringement but even then, it fails at that.
  8. For some reason Koopa Troopa and Toad are called by there Japanese names (Koopa Troopa is called Nokonoko and Toad called Kinopio)
  9. The game's title is rather misleading, as there are no karts in the game.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The game does feature Mario characters in a traditional fighting game, so there is a small layer of novelty.


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