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Just play the Arcade version. It's better than this port.

Karate Champ is a fighting video game released by Data East in 1986 for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Why This Version Sucks

This is only for the inferior NES version of the game. The arcade game is better.

  1. The controls are awful for an NES game. You have to time them properly, or otherwise you'll get hit. (The Angry Video Game Nerd said that these controls are the worst in existence)
    • If the opponent jumps over you, you're very likely to get knocked down instead.
  2. You fight the same opponent throughout the entire game. There's no variety, either.
  3. The special moves are very hard to do. The instructions don't help you how to use them properly.
  4. There is no in-game music at all. The only sounds are the judge and the attacks.
  5. Hard to hit flying stuff in bonus levels. More times than not, you'll get hit by the flying objects when you're trying to hit them.
  6. The hit detection is atrocious. You have to line up your attacks precisely, or otherwise you'll end up missing your opponent.
  7. Terrible graphics, even by NES standards. The backgrounds and sprites lack a lot of detail.
  8. No continues, meaning a game over sends you back to the first round.
  9. There's no ending to this game, as it continues on and on until you get game over. The original arcade version at least had an ending.


IGN gave a 6.3 rating for this game and GameFAQs has a 2.41 user rating. The Angry Video Game Nerd reviewed it in the first part of his Wish List episode and said that it is one his most hated NES games.




Lg 754 luca

14 months ago
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this game is on the dreamworld myarcade 308 in 1 portable console for about 24 dollars.

Grammar guy

6 months ago
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Karate Chump.

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