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Kang Fu
What kind of drugs did the developers use to make this game? All of them.
Protagonist: Klont
Genre: Side-scrolling platformer
Platforms: Amiga
Amiga CD32
Release Date: 1996
Developer: Great Effects Development
Publisher: Great Effects Development
Next Game: Kang Two (cancelled)

The infamous game over screen, depicting a kangaroo skeleton in the desert.

Kang Fu is a side-scrolling platformer game developed by GREED (short for Great Effects Development) in 1996 for the Amiga CD32 and Amiga 1200 and 4000 computers.


The player, controlling Klont the kangaroo, has to traverse around levels rescuing baby kangaroos, gathering diamonds (which grant an extra life when a certain number of them has been collected) and killing enemies with a machine gun. After reaching the end of a level, the player must fight and defeat a boss in order to proceed further.

Why It Intentionally Sucks

Note: Judging by the overall quality of this game, it is possible that this was intended to be a joke.

  1. The game is just a mishmash of random stuff, most of which makes little to no sense. Levels are populated with cartoonish chickens, giant bees, slinkies, and others that you need to kill in order to proceed, all of which while controlling a kangaroo with black glasses and wielding a machine gun.
  2. False advertising: No kung fu appears to take place, despite the title. Instead, Klont uses a gun.
  3. Poorly-done box art consisting of literally just a kangaroo that looks like it's been copy-and-pasted from a picture book on a blue background. Worst of all, it's also used as the title screen, just with the background color changed.
  4. When you boot up the game, you have to wait through eight and a half minutes worth of loading and black screens only to get to the title screen and see a message saying “Out Of Memory”. To circumvent this, as the instructions tell you, you need to open the disk door, insert the disk and start the console, then close the disk door after the starting music has played. If you miss any of these passages the game won't start due to a glitch that doesn't free the memory of the console as it should.
    • The fact that this game requires a very specific pattern of actually booting it up only shows that these kinds of methods only artificially make actually playing the game harder.
  5. Speaking of which, the fact that the developers told the players how to fix this bug implies that they knew about this but didn't bother to fix it.
  6. Despite these problems, they allowed this game to be actually sold in stores at the price of $20!
  7. Just like many other CD32 games, you jump by pressing Up.
  8. The graphics clash horribly, with cartoonish levels and digitized backgrounds.
  9. The game was even advertised as “taking full advantage of the CD32 and Amiga lines of computers,” which is quite a stretch since none of the games on the systems even acknowledged the potential, let alone take advantage.
  10. The game over screen is horrifying and creepy, as it is an actual photo of a kangaroo's skeleton on a desert, making it on par with Hong Kong 97's game over screen.
  11. One of the worst endings period. After beating the final boss, it cuts to baby kangaroos you rescued running around in Australia, and that's it.
  12. After the ending, the game tells you that its developer is going to make a sequel called "Kang Two", but that was never made.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The soundtrack is decent.


James Rolfe in his Angry Video Game Nerd persona reviewed Kang Fu, along with many other CD32 games. He called it the worst game on the system, criticizing the nonsensical gameplay and creepy “game over” screen.





9 months ago
Score 6
This game is like the Video Game version of "The Samsonadzes".


8 months ago
Score 3

OST: Amazing Gameplay: Absolutely Horrendous!

Game Over Screen: So creepy...


4 months ago
Score 1
"And, after all that, all the loading screens and everything, it turns out to be... the worst game of the entire stack. It is... Un. Godly. There is no style, whatsoever. It is a complete mishmash... of garbage!" - AVGN


2 months ago
Score 1
The game over screen is on par with Hong Kong 97's game over screen


one month ago
Score 1
Pure ungodly

Grammar guy

one month ago
Score 0
Pretty bad console choice for a company named GREED.

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