Jumper: Griffin's Story

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Anywhere is NOT possible.

Jumper: Griffin's Story is a video game based on the film Jumper developed by Redtribe for the Xbox 360 and by Collision Studios for the PS2 and Wii, and published by Brash Entertainment. It was released on February 12, 2008 to coincide with the film.

Why It Sucks

  1. Boring combat.
  2. Customizable combo system which has virtually no affect on your move-set or strength.
  3. Poor graphics.
  4. Poor sound effects.
  5. Forgettable soundtrack.
  6. Incredibly easy Achievements. (Xbox 360 version).
  7. Finishing moves (which play out in cutscenes) quickly grow repetitive.
  8. Despite the game's tagline "Anywhere is Possible", you can only warp (or "Jump") to specific platforms or short distances in the levels.
  9. Costed full-price when it was new yet had little content and could be completed in just two hours.
  10. Bland level design.
  11. Bosses take too long to beat since you must wait a long time for an opening of attack to appear.
  12. Story will make little sense to those who haven't read the novel of the same name or the movie.
  13. Collectibles that are pointless to search for since there's no reward for finding them; you only earn an Achievement for collecting them.


Griffin's Story was critically panned, with the Xbox 360 version holding a Metacritic of 29, and the Wii version holding a score of 28.


File:Tats Top 100 Shittiest Games Part 2
Jumper: Griffin's Story was ranked at number 48