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Jiggly's Fun House was a very bad community server on Team Fortress 2. It became extremely infamous due to being one of the worst cases of abusive admins, who were not only kicking and banning players for killing them in-game, being skilled and criticizing them and the server in any form, but were also forcing players to donate to the server (besides all that, to become an admin, you also had to give Jiggly an unusual hat). However, there are even worse reasons as to why the server became notorious in a really bad way. At some point, people found out that not only was Jiggly a toxic person, but he was also doing illegal activities, namely scamming people, stealing (and even leaking) information from various people's credit cards, and even pedophilia. After this was brought to public attention, Jiggly was arrested and sent to prison, while Valve terminated Jiggly's server and Steam account.

However, Jiggly's group has not been deleted, and they have since moved to DOTA 2. They also have an Call of Duty: Black Ops Server.


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