Jett Tailfin

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Jett Tailfin
TM WiiU JettTailfin.jpg
Maybe this would work better as an animated series?
Genre: Racing
Platforms: IOS
Wii U
Release Date: 2014
Developer: Hoplite Research
Publisher: Hoplite Research (NA)
Funbox Media (PAL)

Jett Tailfin is an underwater racing video game developed by Hoplite Research (the same people who made the bad port of Myst on the 3DS). The game was released on Nintendo eShop in western regions and got a physical release in PAL territories. The game was additionally released via mobile devices.

Why It Sucks

  1. Bad controls.
  2. Confusing button mapping.
  3. Forgettable soundtrack.
  4. Low quality cut scenes.
  5. Choppy framerate.
  6. Missing sound effects.
  7. Short length.
  8. The Wii U version costed $35 at launch.
  9. Awful and repetitive voice acting.
  10. The on rails game play feels mindless and boring as the race laps pass.
  11. Malfunctioned camera system.
  12. Lots of glitches.
  13. Messy AI.
  14. Weak graphics.
  15. Little to no replayability.
  16. The game's first person mode is difficult to control.
  17. Bad character designs and artstyle. The low quality art on the cover also gives the game a bad first impression.
  18. They released this game just a few months after the hyped and successful Mario Kart 8, which probably gave the game very little attention at the games quiet release.


Nintendo Life gave the game a 2/10 in their review. It also received a score of 21 on Metacritic based on 4 reviews.