Jaws Unleashed

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Jaws Unleashed
The Jaws franchise was already dead after the 4th movie.
Genre: Action
Platforms: PlayStation 2
Microsoft Windows
Release Date: NA: May 23, 2006
EU: September 22, 2006 (PC)
NA: October 18, 2006 (PC)
EU: October 20, 2006
AU: October 26, 2006
Developer: Appaloosa Interactive
Publisher: Majesco Entertainment
Franchise: Jaws

Jaws Unleashed is a 2006 adventure action game based on the Jaws franchise released on Microsoft Windows, Xbox and PlayStation 2. It was published by Majesco Entertainment and developed by Appaloosa Interactive. It's often treated as one of the worst games of 2006.

Bad Qualities

  1. Mediocre graphics, especially on the PS2 version. Making it what the game was released on the PS1.
  2. Mediocre voice acting and sound quality.
  3. It's a waste of big potential, as for the first time you play as the shark in a Jaws game instead of the humans, but it was poorly executed.
  4. A confusing and sometimes even bizarre story, as it's very easy to get confused and most scenes make no sense, like escaping a chamber by grabbing a scientist's key card, which makes no sense because you're a shark, or destroying the generator powering up an electric fence guarding a refinery, only to enter said refinery and throw a barrel inside a waste disposal pipe to overload the facility and blow it up.
  5. The cutscenes look awful and are poorly animated.
  6. Terrible controls, especially for turning.
  7. Poor camera.
  8. Lots of glitches.
  9. The fish and the 2D models look fake, and they look like they come more from a beta test of the game than the finished project.
  10. The shark's name is Jaws, which makes absolutely no sense because none of the main sharks from the movies were named after the title. He also looks like Vengeance (the shark from the fourth movie).
  11. A very bizarre false advertising: the desktop icon for the PC version shows a shark with sunglasses and a swimsuit but that shark isn't in the game at any point.
  12. Bad animations, especially on human models.
  13. Horrible models, except for the shark itself.
  14. The open-world in this game is very bland, considering that you're inside the ocean and being able to swim where ever you want, it doesn't have anything other than fish and humans to kill. There are some side missions available, but they're extremely repetitive. Most of them can be reduced to a simple "kill as many humans as possible before a time limit expires".
  15. The Race challenges are atrocious and they are so glitchy that you can't even finish them properly.
  16. The hit-detection in this game is very atrocious that it's hard to eat people or hit ships and jumping doesn't help either.
  17. The game freezes depending on what PS2 console you play on.
  18. The soundtrack is forgettable, despite having the same tone as the soundtrack of the movie.
  19. The tutorial is very hard to finish, as it takes many attempts to do what it tells you due to the poor controls and hit detection.
  20. The game makes no sense as piranhas could kill you, despite the difference in size and strength.
  21. When the shark moves so fast it's so hard to control that you will easily crash into objects, walls, and barriers.
  22. The ending isn't too good.

Good Qualities

  1. At least the concept is very good but could have been executed better.
  2. In related to BQ (or WIS) #4, The infamous second chapter "The Breakout" where you can kill the killer whale, which could be very fun for the players and the fans.
  3. The shark's design is looking very great, and slightly better than most other models in the game.
  4. Eating up a lot of people in the ocean can still be incredibly fun.
  5. Many fans would've enjoyed this game.


The game receives mixed reviews by critics, having a commercial success, and GameSpot awarded the game for the worst game that everyone has played in 2006. But nevertheless, It was well received by the fans, and the of the series and the gamers, with a user score a 7.5/10 user score rating on the PlayStation 2, an 7.6/10 user score rating on a PC version, but a mixed reception with a 6.2/10 user score rating on a Xbox version.


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