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Island Peril

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Island Peril
Underworld Devil
Genre(s): First-person shooter
Platform(s): MS-DOS
Release: 1995
Developer(s): Electric Fantasies
Publisher(s): Atlantean Interactive Games

Island Peril is a 1995 first-person shooter with softcore adult content. Developed by Electric Fantasies and published by Atlantean Interactive Games. It follows a lawyer named Dick Danger who goes to an island to rescue a woman and defeat the Evil Boss.

Why It Sucks

  1. The full-motion video cutscenes are corny with cringe-worthy dialogue and awful acting. After you get killed by enemies, you have to watch a cringeworthy cutscene depicting your death.
  2. The protagonist has a ridiculous name. Dick Danger? That sounds sexual!
  3. The visuals are really subpar with ugly guns, huge hands, and a VHS-cassette bar at the top which doesn't serve a purpose other than for cosmetic reasons. What's even worse is that muzzle flashes, some textures, the fire, the gibs, and the explosions are RIPPED STRAIGHT FROM DOOM! That's lazy!
  4. The controls are complicated; the arrow keys are for movement, right Ctrl for shooting, left Shift for jumping, right Alt for strafing, left Ctrl for crouching and right Shift for running. It could be because most first-person shooters from the time period were not using the full potential of the mouse and WASD setup.
    • The movement is atrocious. Every time you move in any direction, you retain momentum for a little while and it is slow. However, jump-strafe-running sends you flying fast unpredictably, making platforming frustrating. Also, the water and lava makes you move really slowly with the latter being hazardous because it's lava and it hurts you (duh).
  5. Whenever you save, it takes you back to the beginning of the level after loading the saved game.
  6. The shop section of the game is poorly-implemented because you can buy ammo, but not health or armor. They don't tell you the price of ammo or how much money you have and you have to watch an FMV of a woman after leaving the shop.
  7. The armor pickups are really nonsensical; sunglasses are 1 point of armor, helmets for 10, flak jackets for 25, armored suit for 100, and a rain slicker for 200. So are the health pickups; health elixirs give you 1 point, a first-aid kit gives you 25, a meal gives you 50 and a barbell gives you 200.
  8. The enemy artificial intelligence is dumb since they wiill walk into walls and fall to their deaths.
  9. Speaking of the enemies, they can kill you in seconds!
  10. The Underworld Devils say "Mojo" as an alert sound instead of the growl and can drop fireballs that can be very hard to avoid due to the aforementioned controls.
  11. The game can crash at any time due to it being poorly programmed.
    • Speaking of which, the game is so buggy, there is even a HOM effect (graphics have flashing models as they buffer into loading) at the final level.
  12. The levels are really cryptic; sometimes you find keys and they don't open the door, and other times you must unlock doors, but there are no keys.
  13. The final boss, while brutal, can kill himself with his own splash damage.
  14. The ending stops before you can have sex with the lady.


  1. The people who worked on this game were involved in a production company called HollyDreams.



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