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Genre: Combat flight simulator
Platforms: PlayStation
Release Date: February 5, 1999
Developer: Microids
Publisher: Microids
Franchise: N/A

Invasion is a combat-based flight simulator game for the Sony PlayStation, published and developed by Microids and released on February 5, 1999 exclusively only in Europe.

Plot and Gameplay

The game is set in the year 2093. On October 17 of that year, a sentient alien race called the Kseit invade Earth and nearly defeat Earth's forces except for a few resistance members. The player assumes the role of L. Roy, one of the highly-trained resistance pilots chosen to fight the Kseit after he has been awakened from his cryogenic sleep. The game has over 12 missions in total with varying objectives that the player must complete until he/she has enough of the required percentage which will activate the portal for the player to exit the mission and advance to the next. The last 3 missions are where the climax of the game take place, after L. Roy has successfully driven the Kseit out of Earth, and Earth's forces prepare for the assault on the Kseits' home planet Mygra, in where they have to get to said planet and destroy it once and for all. The player eventually reaches Mygra, and the final mission is where the player has to navigate through a tunnel filled with mines and drones before reaching the end-game Guardian, that the player must defeat to complete the game. The game ends with L. Roy successfully defeating the Guardian and locating the planet's core, which he destroys, causing Mygra to be completely destroyed for good and L. Roy making a lucky escape, after which, he narrates that the Kseit's evil plans were that they were on the bridge of extinction and needed to re-expand their race by transforming humans into their own with no return.

Why it Sucks

  1. Generic and way too easy gameplay.
  2. It is very short, and it can be beaten in less than an hour.
  3. Lackluster graphics that leave a lot to be desired.
  4. Dull music.
  5. Poorly designed FMVs with laughable and static character drawings and facial animations, poor CGI throughout and way too many cut-ins, making them way too short.
  6. Lame voice acting.
  7. Generic story.


Many of Microids' games on the PlayStation have been received negatively, and this game is no exception. Particularly, the German OPM gave the game a imperfect 5 out of 5 (1 is best), making it the lowest rated game ever given by the German OPM in history.