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Some of their games are great, but others, not so much...

Inludo Game Development (simply known as Inludo) is a Norwegian limited company set in Gjøvik, Norway, founded in 2001 and some of their titles are published under their subsidiary company Playlevel AS. They're notable for developing Sunset Racer series, which were originally featured in a online games website Shockwave.

Notable Games Developed

  1. Gaia Online
  2. Footballer
  3. Footballer 2042
  4. Ford Fiesta Racing Challenge I
  5. Ford Fiesta Racing Challenge II
  6. Mazda MX-5 Racing
  7. Shell City Racer
  8. Smarpis Challenge
  9. Starbase Defender
  10. Sunset Racer
  11. Sunset Racer 1.X Evolution
  12. Sunset Racer 2

Bad Qualities

  1. One of their games, Sunset Racer is a reskinned Ford Fiesta Racing Challenge II with little to no changes such as the track being mirrored, the Ford Fiesta being replaced with a Ferrari Enzo/Lamborghini Reventon-look alike and the handling being different than in the former.
  2. The graphics are usually subpar even by 2000s standards, due to the games being developed in Adobe Director engine.
  3. Their website contains some poor grammar, which is excusable.
  4. Heavy usage of Chris Hülsbeck's "Harmonic Waves" and "Tomorrow's Yesterday", specially in Sunset Racer series. While both the songs are pretty good, but they can get pretty repetitive after a while.
  5. Noticeable product placement, specially in "Shell City Racer".

Good Qualities

  1. They're a decent company and also take time to develop their games, despite some of them are a bit rushed (such as the original Sunset Racer).
  2. Sunset Racer 2 is, by far, their best project they ever developed and was pretty well-recieved online.
  3. A good number of their games are pretty decent at best despite aging poorly.
  4. Both Ford Fiesta Racing Challenge, Smarpis Challenge and Mazda MX-5 Racing were made to promote the said cars and give you a chance to drive them before they hit the streets. Meanwhile, the latter was produced for BBC's Top Gear website as a part of the Mazda's MX-5 campaign.