Independence Day

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Independence Day
Independence Day PS1.jpg
This game should be shooted by the aliens.
Genre: Combat Flight Simulator
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
Sega Saturn
Release Date: NA: February 28, 1997
EU: July 1997
Developer: Radical Entertainment
Publisher: Fox Interactive
Made in: Canada

Independence Day is a combat flight simulator video game based on the 1996 film of the same name. The game was developed by Radical Entertainment and published by Fox Interactive for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation and Sega Saturn.

Why It Sucks

  1. In the gameplay, you just fly around and shoot at things, similiar to some of the games in Action 52, and it's bland, repetitive and mediocre.
  2. Abysmal controls that would make you want to find generators even harder, even if you're going around 360.
  3. The guy who tells you to take out the generators in the game never shuts up.
  4. The game lacks music, making the game feeling like it tells you to play your own music.
  5. Poor graphics for 1997 standards. Some things in the levels appear randomly without any effect, the bullets look small, and the explosion effect looks primitive.
  6. The stages you get are Las Vegas, Moscow, New York City, Paris, and the mothership, but all of them are bad themselves.
  7. Trying to hit anything with bullets is impossible, with only the missiles looking like they're effective. This can count as mindless spamming, as the missiles look like they're effective and can kill your enemies, unlike the bullets.
  8. Every challenge is the same, as all you do is fly around, use your radar to locate your targets, lock on, and destroy them with your heat seeking missiles, which is lazy. This sounds similiar to flying through rings and picking up cars in Superman 64.
  9. The game is short. It can be beaten in less than 1.5 hours. Despite it's short length, it's still not worth buying.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Despite the guy who tells you to take out the generators never shuts up, he has a okay voice.
  2. The sound effects are pretty good, that would make you want to listen to them if you don't want to play your own music.
  3. The game cover is pretty cool, with the night themed buildings and sky, and 2 motherships shooting together.


Independence Day received mixed to negative reviews. Aggregating review website GameRankings gave the Microsoft Windows version 53.67% based on 3 reviews, the Sega Saturn version 52.50% based on 2 reviews and the PlayStation version 49.00% based on 5 reviews.





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