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What a good mindset to start the day

Incelgame, is a flash RPG published and developed by r/braincels, the formely biggest incel community on Reddit.

Plot and Gameplay

You play as an incel and must blackpill the masses.

Why It Sucks

  1. It preaches the viewpoint of incel/blackpill ideology, so attractive women (aka Stacy's) are portrayed as Chad's sextoys, and "Becky's" (less attractive women) are at best picky and or evil/mean or completely vile at worst. Inceltears users are seen as the oppressors that arrest the incels yet they are also into soy and cuckoldry which doesn't make sense, and "Chads" always bullies the incels.
  2. Completely illogical plot points, like why and how would a subreddit (r/inceltears) arrest "ugly people" for asking a girl out and how did r/inceltears build its own prison complex.
  3. Enemies don't have AI when you blackpill them in.
  4. Two loops of music that constantly repeat.
  5. Bad graphics.
  6. Dialogue that doesn't make sense - but then again its probably because incel language is used.
  7. Most of the r/inceltears characters are based on one Reddit user.-u/BrazilianSigma, who is a mod of r/inceltears.
  8. An unhealthy amount of self-loathing is promoted in the game, with texts like "Its over" and "Just rope".
  9. Sprites are straightly taken from the Virgin vs Chad meme. (Speaking of, there is an incel in some of them. But the main character is the virgin).
  10. Complete misinterpretation on how dating, therapy, sexual assault, women and confidence all work.
  11. Very little in terms of gameplay, so much that most it isn't a game at all, you just point and click.
  12. Other characters have little to no physical programming, to interact with a character, you must go to them.
  13. Extremely horrible animation.
  14. No SFX.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. It shows you an unique opportunity to experience how incels sees the world
  2. The message at the end is actually kinda wholesome. Guys working together to tell the world not to judge people on height and looks.

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