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Their games aren't gold!
Founded: 1996
Defunct: 2009
Founder: Richard M. Holmes
Headquarters: Zurich, Switzerland

IncaGold was a Swiss video game publisher founded in 1996. Their business strategy is focused on PC/CD-ROM, Internet, and wireless technologies such as Palm/WinCE and Mobile formats. The company is always working to provide the gaming audience something new and interesting, and continually looks “outside the box” to find that new market niche.

Building on experience, knowledge and strong industry relationships, IncaGold will develop, license and publish the "highest" quality casual gaming product for a resonable "on the shelf" price. This strategy will allow for brand identification and, in turn, create more sales for future IncaGold products.

They were defunct in 2009.

Notable Games

Why Their Games Sucked

  1. Outdated graphics that look like from 1990s standards, or even one and a half decades ago. Their games look like they were going to be made for the PlayStation era instead of 2000s decade. The biggest example is GP vs. SuperBike, as the game looks so ugly and horrible that it looks like a PS1 game instead of a PC game. No matter which developer developed games that they published, the graphics still won't look good.
  2. A lot of glitches and bugs that are on par with Monkey's Adventures, Trucker and Sonic '06. No matter which operating system you will use, their games will still have a lot of bugs and glitches. For example, in GP vs. SuperBike, after 11th lap, your vehicle refuses to continue working, meaning it stops forever, and no matter how much you will press or smash buttons, your vehicle won't work at all.
  3. Some of the covers in their games are pretty ugly. Even for PC standards. Ardennes Offensive is the biggest example of this, since everything, especially 2 soldiers, background etc. are ugly, even for a game that tries to be historical, or even about soldiers. This is just a proof that IncaGold even made the covers for some of their games pretty ugly that look no better than the graphics.
  4. Their games have poor and atrocious controls. Especially in racing games. For example, in GP vs. SuperBike, the vehicle turns really slow, compared to the high speed, making their racing games barely playable. No matter how fast you will drive, the vehicle's turning will still be sluggish, which is just annoying.
  5. Some stuff makes no sence in their games. For example, in Ardennes Offensive, if you shoot your enemies, even in a leg, they just fall over and die, instead of getting hurt and saying some words, like "Oof!" or "Ow!". Another example is that in GP vs. SuperBike, if you will hit a wall, your vehicle doesn't get destroyed. Instead, you just respawn 3 centimeters away from the crash.
  6. Bad AI. The opponents in their games can act like they have pork chop in their head instead of brain, like if they don't care that you are struggling to do something, like drive your vehicle, or contantly shoot you until you are dead, and they don't move while they are shooting you to avoid getting shoot by yourself.
  7. Broken hitbox. As mentioned in WTGS#6, your opponent in their shooter games can die even if you shoot them in their leg.
  8. Due to their games, especialy the racing ones having poor controls, they make the gameplay terrible, mostly if you either move way too fast, turn to the left/right pretty slow or even crash into something a lot of times.
  9. Most of their games' genre is pretty repetitive. Their games are mostly just First-Person Shooters and Third-Person Shooters, similiar to Virtucraft's fighting Game Boy Advance games, which is like IncaGold mostly only focused on making First-Person Shooters and Third-Person Shooters instead of other game genres.


A Polish YouTuber called BartekGM reviewed their games in his series called "Najgorsze Gry Wszechczasów" (ENG: "Worst Games of All Time"), due to their bad quality. Their best known game is Ardennes Offensive which is cult, especially in Poland thanks to BartekGM and other Polish video-reviewers.





16 months ago
Score 5
To be honest, BartekGM is the oldest AVGN clone thanks to his series called "Najgorsze Gry Wszechczasów" (ENG: Worst Games of All Time) in Polish YouTube, before NRGeek did "Zagrajmy w crapa" (ENG: Let's play a crap) review Ardennes Offensive and Airborne Hero D-Day Frontline.


16 months ago
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BartekGM also inspired by "Kaszanka Zone" from CD-Action.


20 days ago
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Meet a company that's a master at publishing craps!

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