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Their games aren't gold!
Founded: 2003
Founder(s): Richard M. Holmes
Headquarters: Isle of Man
Parent: Fox Capital Limited
Subsidiaries: Asylum Games
GP Mob Limited

IncaGold plc was a British video game publisher based in Isle of Man. It was founded in 2003 by Richard M. Holmes. The company was responsible for publishing budget-priced games for Microsoft Windows. In 2004, they purchased IncaGold GmbH, a Swiss development studio that was founded in 1996, which had additional offices in Slovakia and Japan.[1] IncaGold plc acquired GP Mob Limited and Asylum Games in a following year. In 2007, IncaGold became a subsidiary of Fox Capital Limited, who purchased company's most of stock shares. IncaGold plc sold their own Swiss studio to Richard M. Holmes, the founder of IncaGold.[2]

Notable games

Why Their Games Aren't Made of Gold

  1. Outdated graphics that look like from 1990s standards, or even one and a half decades ago. Their games look like they were going to be made for the PlayStation. The biggest example is GP vs. SuperBike, as the game looks so horrible to the point it looks like a legit PS1 game. No matter which developer developed games that they published, the graphics still won't look good.
  2. A lot of bugs and glitches that are on par with many low-budget shovelware games. No matter which operating system you will use, their games will still contain such technical issues. For example, in GP vs. SuperBike, after 11th lap, your vehicle refuses to continue working, meaning it stops forever, and no matter how much you will press or smash buttons, your vehicle won't work at all.
  3. Some of the covers in their games are pretty ugly. Ardennes Offensive is the biggest example of this, since everything, especially 2 soldiers, background, are ugly. This is just a proof that IncaGold even made the covers for some of their games pretty ugly that look no better than the graphics.
  4. Their games have poor controls, especially in racing games. For example, in GP vs. SuperBike, the vehicle turns really slow, compared to the high speed, making their racing games barely playable. No matter how fast you will drive, the vehicle's turning will still be sluggish, which is just annoying.
  5. Some stuff makes no sence in their games. For example, in Ardennes Offensive, if you shoot your enemies, even in a leg, they just fall over and die, instead of getting hurt and saying some words, like "Oof!" or "Ow!". Another example is that in GP vs. SuperBike, if you will hit a wall, your vehicle doesn't get destroyed. Instead, you just respawn 3 centimeters away from the crash.
  6. Bad AI. The opponents in their games can act like they have pork chop in their head instead of a brain, like if they don't care that you are struggling to do something, like drive your vehicle, or contantly shoot you until you are dead, and they don't move while they are shooting you to avoid getting shoot by yourself.
  7. Broken hitbox. For example, opponents in shooter games can die even if you shoot them in their leg.
  8. Due to their games, especialy the racing ones having poor controls, they make the gameplay terrible, mostly if you either move way too fast, turn to the left/right pretty slow or even crash into something a lot of times.


A Polish YouTuber called BartekGM reviewed their games in his series called Najgorsze Gry Wszechczasów (English: Worst Games of All Time), due to their bad quality. Their best known game is Ardennes Offensive which is a cult classic, especially in Poland thanks to BartekGM and other Polish video-reviewers.



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