I Will: The Story of London

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I Will: The Story of London
Genre: Mystery
Platforms: LaserActive Laserdisc
Release Date: 1993

I Will: The Story of London is a 1993 FMV mystery solving game by Pioneer released for the LaserActive Laserdisc console. It requires the Genesis/Mega Drive Expansion Pac, as it is a Mega-LD game.


A mysterious individual who drives a Rolls Royce breaks into Dr. Ozone's Laboratory and steals the Alpha Ozone, which Dr. Ozone was working on for 30 years, and is about to demonstrate it at the upcoming International Clean Air Conference in hopes that it will improve the air quality. Dr. Ozone asks his colleague Catherine Holmes, her father, Chief Consultable Christopher Holmes (refered in the game as DAD), and partner Sherlock Bond, the player, for help to retrieve the Alpha Ozone before the conference.

Why It Sucks

  1. A very generic plot involving an environmental invention being stolen that is to be found back.
  2. Horrible acting done by some of the most generic and uninspiring characters with very uninspiring names and designs to go by, such as Dr. Ozone who looks like a totally messed-up Albert Einstein.
  3. Even the Japanese dub is horrendous, in where in the first cutscene, Dr. Ozone sounds very paniced and worried, but in a very silly way.
  4. Very dull gameplay, in which you drive around London and the outskirts of the UK, visiting cities like Bath, Portsmouth and Edinbourgh, and you have to find clues during the FMV segments of the various districts, landmarks or cities using your magnifying glass. All of this had to be done within a time limit and without running out of money.
  5. Generic music.
  6. Some of the English in-game text is poorly written.



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