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Profile: IULITMx
Style: Gaming
Date Joined: June 9, 2013
Schedule: Everyday
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 4.09M

IULITMx, (formerly known as IULITM and UNKNOWN) is a Romanian YouTuber that joined on June 9, 2013. He currently has about 4.09M subscribers. Most of his content was Five Nights at Freddy's related. However, when Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning came out, he started to decline in quality.

Why He Sucks Now

  1. Quantity over quality: He puts little to no effort into his videos. This is clear because he plays Baldi mods and FNAF gameplay just for ad revenue.
  2. His Baldi and FNAF videos barely have variety at best.
  3. He made multiple accounts just to milk Baldi's Basics mods, FNAF fan games and ROBLOX Piggy for profit.
  4. Some of his videos even contain clickbait in their titles and thumbnails.
  5. Sometimes, he doesn't even credit the original creator of a Baldi mod that he plays. This is true for most Baldi's Basics mods he plays.
  6. It's proven that he can't take criticism. This is supported by the fact that he deletes comments that criticize him.
  7. Because of his behavior, he gives the Baldi's Basics modding community a very bad reputation.
  8. He once stole footage of the first Baldi's Basics Development Log without Micah McGonigal's permission. And to make that worse, he also put in gameplay of some random mod that had nothing to do with the beta at the end just to increase the video time.
  9. His videos are pretty repetitive as he constantly does Evolution of videos which can be really boring.
  10. He mostly plays bad FNAF fan games (although some FNAF fan games he plays are decent).
  11. It's possible that he uses bots to increase his views, likes and subscribers to scam YouTube's money instead of other users actually viewing the content.
  12. It is rumored that he steals video ideas or thumbnails from other YouTubers without crediting them.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He congratulated Dawko for beating 50/20 mode on UCN.
  2. Some of his videos are fun to watch like his World of Jump-scares vids or his Gmod Texture Pack vids.
  3. To be fair, his older videos (mainly 2013-2017) were much better and entertaining than his newer videos.




one month ago
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I personally think he is fine, but god people these days are milking PIGGY.


23 days ago
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He's not so "ultimate".

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