Hybrid Wars

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Hybrid Wars
This is what happened when some online game milker created a singleplayer game.
Genre(s): Isometric Shooter
Platform(s): PC
Release: September 29, 2016
Developer(s): Extreme Developers
Publisher(s): Wargaming
Country: Russia

Hybrid Wars is an isometric shooter game produced by Extreme Developers and published by Wargaming in 26 September, 2016. It was the first non-MMO game Wargaming has published in 6 years since Order of War: Challenge were published in 2010.

According to the developers, the game was "combining the classic gameplay of 1990s shooter games with modern aesthetics and innovations."


Set in 2060, in a world on the cusp of the second technological revolution, Hybrid Wars follows the career of three distinct mercenaries employed to fight in Corporate wars. a war between various company for power and money.

Why It Sucks

  1. Horrible game release promotion: Wargaming released Hybrid Wars at a price of $60, which is ridiculous for its quality and variety of contents (which would be explained later), and to "encouraging" their customers who are currently playing their online games (World of Tanks and World of Warships) to buying this game, Wargaming bundled this game with several premium currency package from WoT/WoWS respectively and sold them around $80-$100. Later, various customers who bought this package found out that the bundled game isn't came with season pass and DLCs.
  2. Overpriced: As afomentioned above, it was being sold at $60 when it came out, but the content is severly lackluster. after negative reception from customers, Wargaming dropped the price of the game from $60 into $15 (The DLC and season pass were later given for free) in less than 2 years, this is basically a scam.
  3. Various contents (weapons and characters) are locked behind season pass and DLC paywall.
  4. Only five characters available, three of them are available by default, while other two character can be unlocked only by purchasing a DLC.
  5. Generic character, level, and vehicle designs. And there are also having very limited character customization options.
  6. Every weapons in the game is severly underpowered and many enemies can take a lot of hits before getting killed.
  7. Lack of exploration, as various paths are blocked with invisible walls, making the game basically a "point A to point B shooter".
  8. Poor combat design, in normal difficulty, you can completing the game by just moving forward and holding your left mouse (to shoot) till you reached the end of the level.
  9. Short and forgetable story mode that can be completed in 4 hours.
  10. Very poor animations. for example, when an enemy vehicles is destroyed, they are simply had explosion effects over it then disappeared.
  11. Unskippable and pointless fighting cutscenes.
  12. There are no extra armor of weapon drops in this game, meaning that you cannot changing your ammunition or refill your health throughout the level.
  13. No key binding options, which means if you're feeling uncomfortable with default controls, you cannot changing the key mapping at your perferences.
  14. The game is not supported with 2K/4K and 21:9 monitors.


Hybrid Wars has a Metacritic score of 54 based on four reviewers and user score of 6.3.

Riot Pixels given Hybrid Wars a lowest score at 42, describing that "The creators of Hybrid Wars claim that they were inspired by classic isometric twin-stick shooters from the 90s. I wonder what games they were inspired by, because Hybrid Wars is nothing like the good old games from that decade."


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