How To Train Your Dragon 2

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This is how you DON'T do a movie tie in game. This is a lazy cash in title that has flying through rings as in Superman 64 as a main game mechanic.

How To Train Your Dragon 2 is an action-racing game developed and published by Torus Games / Little Orbit for the Nintendo Wii, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 in 2014 based off the movie of the same name.

Why It Sucks

  1. Most of the game you are required to fly through rings, either on a time limit like Superman 64 or while racing against other Viking dragon riders. Flying through rings is not fun by itself. Also the rings are smaller than the dragons so you need precision movement to move through the rings.
  2. The characters are completely unbalanced. Choosing Hiccup, the main character of the franchise, is setting yourself for failure because Toothless is far too slow to compete in the races, and most of the events in the tournaments are race events so you will lose the competitions. Choosing Snotlout who rides Hookfang makes the racing events possible as Hookfang goes very fast, possibly the fastest of the dragons.
    • By the way Toothless is depicted as being faster than Hookfang in the series. Hookfang is not supposed to be faster than a Night Fury, let alone dramatically faster as shown in the game.
  3. When you fly straight down or up the movement controls switches suddenly. Normally moving left or right turns the dragon in that direction, however when you're flying straight down or up the controls switch so that moving left or right rotates the dragon.
  4. Since the controls are mapped to the dragon's angle instead of the camera angle the flying controls can suddenly reverse if the dragon rotates while diving or flips upside down while taking a sharp turn most likely knocking the dragon in the wrong direction.
  5. The five tournaments all use the same five events in the same exact order, however each tournament has an additional thing that makes the difficulty increase.
  6. The "Viking Blitz" attack mechanic is broken. Enemies can use the Viking Blitz attack to knock you off the dragon without using an item. You are also supposed to be able to do so, but the prompt that tells you how to do it only shows up for a split second, and pressing the button shown in the prompt does not actually perform the Viking Blitz attack.
  7. The racing events in the later tournaments are impossible to win unless you gain a huge lead immediately at the start of the race- enemies constantly knock you off the dragon.
  8. No story to speak of and no ending upon finishing the last level.