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Hot Wired

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Hot Wired
The ultimate waste of money.
Genre(s): Racing
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
Release: EU: March 21, 2001
NA: June 21, 2001
RU: March 7, 2002
PL: April 15, 2003
Engine: 3DGE
Developer(s): IncaGold GmbH
Publisher(s): EU: IncaGold GmbH
NA: Xicat Interactive
RU: 1C Company, Snowball Interactive
Country: Switzerland

Hot Wired (in Europe known as Speed Thief) is a 2001 racing game developed and published by IncaGold GmbH in Europe for Microsoft Windows, while three months later in North America was published by Xicat Interactive.


In Hot Wired, the goal is to be the greatest car thief of all time. You have to choose a car to steal and race to the county line before the cops catch you and deliver it to Mr. Big, a black market car salesman.

Why It Sucks

  1. The plot is considered cliché nowadays, and comes off as boring and pretty much predictable.
  2. False advertising: The game claims to be highly addictive, have intense 3D graphics and realistic sound effects but the game can be cleared pretty quickly, the graphics are not bad, but not what the game promised and the sound effects are very crappy and lack quality.
  3. Unresponsive controls, having a really long input lag, specially while trying to steer.
  4. Broken physics, you can get in contact with traffic without even touching it. The traffic's spawning mechanism is also broken and sometimes 2 or more cars can spawn at the same place.
  5. When the car gets hit, it deforms, making it the weirdest damaged car sprite ever made, and even then, the car will run just fine!
  6. Poorly represented cities. All 10 cities look the same.
  7. Very weird voice acting for Mr. Big, being his voice a cracky and overly clichéd gangster voice.
  8. This game is incredibly broken. The contact with the guardrails makes your car get thrusted away from you, and stuff like poles and structures have no hitboxes at all. You can even clip through the mountains and go outside of the map.
  9. The only way to lose is to get your car damaged enough. Nothing happens if the cops surround you.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The game is very well optimized, running perfectly at 60 FPS.
  2. Nice looking HUD, doing some really cool movements both in the menu and during the gameplay.
  3. Some of the sound effects are pretty good.
  4. Haves a lot of variety between cars, cities to choose and driving views.
  5. Good soundtrack.


Hot Wired received negative reviews, getting a 5.3/10 from IGN, a 4.3/10 from GameSpot, 35/100 from Speed Zone, and 1/5 from GameGenie.


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