Hot Wheels Slot Car Racing

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I can't beat that!

Hot Wheels Slot Car Racing is a PC game that was developed by KnowWonder Digital Mediaworks and published by Mattel Interactive (formerly Mattel Media) in 2000.


The game came with 2 Slot Car controllers that could plug into a computer. However, the connector for the controllers was a 10-pin port, which most computers did not have the port to plug it into. Another option is to use the keyboard to control, but that still has its fair share of problems.

Why It Sucks

  1. Broken controls. The keyboard controls were extremely inconsistent. The controls would change randomly and were hard to get used to. For example, in the first track, 'T' was used to accelerate, and 'K' or 'F' would switch lanes, however, in the next race, the controls would change to 'W' to accelerate, and 'Y' to switch lanes.
  2. Hard to play. There may be obstacles that may appear on the track. However, most of the obstacles blocked both of the lanes, or came out of nowhere and were unexpected. The game makes you want to slow down to avoid the obstacles, however, it's faster to just get hit and keep going.
  3. The game has only a few sounds. The game also has no music. The sound of the car driving is an annoying buzzing noise and gets annoying fast.
  4. The game has eight tracks (five custom tracks can be created as well). The way to beat the game is to get first place on all of the tracks. This means that the game is extremely short and has almost no replay value.
  5. The game has a variety of cars to choose from. However, for some reason, after a race, your car would change to the car that you just unlocked, which became annoying to have to change to the desired car between races. Also, some of the car's names aren't the same as the real car names.
  6. The game has a custom track editor, but it gives you little space to place the track, which makes it very limited.


The game was extremely unpopular and was trampled by the popular Hot Wheels games at the time, Such as Stunt Track Driver, Stunt Track Driver 2: Get'n Dirty, and Turbo Racing. These games turned out great, but unfortunately, this one wasn't.