Hooters Road Trip

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Hooters probably doesn't want to be associated with this mess anymore.

Hooters Road Trip is a racing game released in 2002 for the Sony PlayStation and PC by Hoplite Research. It is an advertisement for the restaurant of the same name.

Why It Sucks

  1. Awful graphics, especially for being such a late release for the original PlayStation.
  2. Dull, boring environments, with practically no distinction between tracks.
  3. Awful controls. The cars slide way too far in the direction you wanted to turn with a single touch on the D-pad, making it a hassle to control them as you will be constantly correcting the car as it swerves repeatedly left and right and also likely hitting the walls constantly due to the car swerving around until you get used to the controls.
  4. Little room to maneuver on the tracks due to the oncoming traffic.
  5. Very poor AI that makes no effort to beat you possibly to account for the horrible controls.
  6. There are FMV cutscenes between races have ridiculous acting.


File:Top 100 Worst Games Part 1 (TatsTopVideos)
Hooters Road Trip was ranked at number 76