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Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (Nintendo versions)

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Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
Home Alone 2 SNES.jpg
You are Home Alone with this game.
Genre(s): Action
Platform(s): Nintendo Entertainment System
Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Game Boy
Release: NES
EU: 1992
NA: October 1992

NA: October 1992
EU/AU: January 1, 1993

Game Boy
NA: October 1992
Developer(s): Imagineering
Publisher(s): THQ
Series: Home Alone
Predecessor: Home Alone (1991)
Successor: Home Alone (2006)

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York is a video game loosely based on the 1992 film of the same name.

The page only applies to versions released for Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy and Super Nintendo Entertainment System.


Kevin McCallister is lost in New York and must the outwit the Sticky Bandits to get back with his family.

Why It Still Should Be Home Alone

All versions

  1. Poor grasp of the source material. The first half of the movie is skipped over for some reason.
  2. Enemies make little to no sense with the game. For example, there are old ladies jumping around, trying to hit Kevin with their umbrellas.
  3. Certain enemies such as the large hotel guests and vacuum cleaners can instantly kill Kevin.
  4. Slippery physics creates more of a hassle to avoid enemies. He will slightly slip before losing momentum.
  5. Keys in this game are enemy projectiles. A first-time player will likely mistake them for an item.
  6. Useless weapons: the dart gun only stuns enemies for about three seconds. The slide can be used to kill enemies in some levels, but not all of them. The super fist gun can be wasted if the player uses it too close to the edge of the screen.
    • The pearls only work on a couple of enemies, and it is practically useless after the first level.
  7. Unresponsive and poor controls, making something like climbing up ladders a challenge.
  8. It's not made clear which parts of the level can be jumped on and which can't.
  9. Hitbox issues: Sometimes, when an enemy comes close to hitting Kevin, it counts as a hit.
  10. The game's difficulty is completely screwed up. The Hotel, the first level, is the most difficult level due to how many one-hit kill enemies and hazards there are.
  11. No continues, meaning once Kevin is out of lives, you are kicked back to the first level.

NES version only

  1. To board the elevator, you have to hit the elevator button. However, unlike the other two ports, there's no clear indication of how many times you should press it.
  2. Dreadful graphics. For a late 1992 game, the game has sprite work that would have been passable in the mid-1980s.
    • Moreover, not one of the characters' sprites from the movie proper resemble who they're supposed to be.
  3. The jump and player damage sounds are taken from The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants (given that both games were developed by Imagineering, this comes off as more of laziness on their part, if anything).
  4. The bird lady doesn't even appear in the NES port until the last level. This is despite her graphics being in the game's coding in the sewers part of the second level.
  5. The fourth level is supposed to be a chase level but it's bogged down due to Marv or Harry respawning when they're defeated.
  6. In the Uncle's House (third level), spin jumping on the wet bandits in some of the rooms causes the game to freeze.

SNES version only

  1. The sprite work clashes with the backgrounds in this game. It tries to be more realistic but it looks off.
  2. The sound effects are extremely bizarre for a Super NES game. The death sound effect, for example, sounds too cartoonish.
  3. There is a slight movement delay before Kevin can move around. It takes a while for him to gain momentum for running.

Game Boy version only

  1. The Uncle's House has some pinpoint precision jumping that has to be done in a dark room, or otherwise, Kevin falls into a bottomless pit and loses a life.
  2. You only get four hit points instead of five.
  3. The Central Park level is much longer than the other two versions, which has Kevin go through the Central Park Zoo. No explanation is given about why, and it is never mentioned again.
  4. You can actually get stuck in the second level with the bell power-up. If you jump at just the right time, you can fall off the screen and get stuck. The only way you can get out of this is by resetting the game.
  5. The graphics, while still better than the NES version, is still not that good. The lack of detail on sprites make it difficult to tell who's who.


The game had very poor reception. Most reviewers complained that various elements of the game change depending on what part of a level the player is on; for example, the slide attack is an effective move on one level but does not work on another.

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York was awarded Worst Sequel of 1992 by Electronic Gaming Monthly. They also awarded it Worst Movie-to-Game of 1992.

In the Angry Video Game Nerd review of this game, he was getting mad that he couldn't get past the level with the ladder.

In JonTron's review of all the Home Alone Games he criticized the game for having almost nothing to do with the film, the use of keys as enemy projectiles and the ineffectiveness of the pearls.



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