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The only Youtuber who is a fan of anti-consumer practices.
Profile: HipHopGamer
Style: Gaming & Interviews
Date Joined: September 10, 2011
Twitter: HOT97's HipHopGamer LogitechG
Facebook: Gerard Williams
Other Media: Instagram: HOT97's HipHopGamer
LinkedIn: HOT97's HipHopGamer
Mixer: HipHopGamer
SoundCloud: HipHopGamer
Google+: HipHopGamer
No. of videos: 1482+
Schedule: 1-4 videos per week
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 33K+

HipHopGamer (real name: Gerard Williams; Born: November 27, 1982 [age 36]) is a YouTuber and radio DJ for Hot 97 FM who is infamous for being a corporate shill and defending anti-consumer practices from big companies.

Why He Sucks

  1. He is a complete idiot who refuses to do his research.
  2. He acts entitled, elitist, and like he is some sort of authority. He even uses the "I'm a real Gamer" excuse to act like that.
  3. Hypocrisy: He says people shouldn't force their opinions on others, then goes on to do exactly that.
  4. He's clearly a Sony fanboy.
  5. His videos are usually just a list of excuses for fanboying over over-hyped games.
  6. His arguments are usually asinine, completely ignorant, offensive, anti-consumer, or make seem like he's being paid to say positive things.
  7. He encourages people to support developers rushing games and releasing them broken, and is against negative reviews.
  8. As stated above, he defends corporate greed and anti-consumer practices.
  9. He tried to defend The Order: 1886 by comparing it to victim of racism. That's right; he's an African-American person using racism to defend a game.
  10. He also tried to defend Street Fighter V by saying "CAPCOM ARE NEW DEVELOPERS WHO DESERVE A FREE PASS!", which is a blatant lie. Capcom was founded in 1979 and has developed games since the days of the NES. His only reasoning for that argument was that Street Fighter V was the first Street Fighter game on a PS4 and was made on Unreal 4.
  11. He threatened others who gave Resident Evil 7 a "7" or "8" score to fight him to see if they were real gamers or not.
  12. Nowadays, he carries a fake gold wrestling belt with the Hot 97 FM logo on it everywhere to interviews and events and deliberately has them featured in every photo featuring him as much as possible, making him a blatant walking ad for his employer.


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17 months ago
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Ooh look at the tough black guy, I say this a lot..And don't give an flying.. if anyone doesn't like it.


4 months ago
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Was that "30 years is the new 5 years" suppose to be a joke or something.

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