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At least it didn’t copy Medal of Honor...

Hidden & Dangerous is a 1999 WWII squad-based tactical shooter and war simulator game by Illusion Softworks, now known as 2K Czech. It received a Europe-only PS1 port by Tarantula Studios in November 2001, and was part of Take 2's $9.99 (€15 in Europe and £10 in the UK) budget game range.

As the title suggests, this page will cover the PS1 version.

Why it Sucks

  1. The game gets reduced to a bare-boned first person shooter with no team tactics; you no longer operate with a squad since the other squad members serve as extra lives.
  2. Choppy framerate.
  3. The enemy AI has insanely accurate aim, making it extremely easy to die. This includes the very first level.
  4. Extremely stiff and complicated controls. For instance, the directional buttons are used for turning the camera around, while the right stick (triangle, square, circle, cross) is used to actually move your character.
  5. Poor collision/hit detection.
  6. Dumbed down graphics, when compared to the original PC and Dreamcast versions. For example, there is no muzzle flash whenever you shoot your gun.
  7. Terrible sound design, when compared to the original PC and Dreamcast versions, again.
  8. Unfair difficulty; this is lifted from the original PC version without any sort of optimization for the changes mentioned in this very page.


In contrast to the original PC version, which was met with critical acclaim, the PS1 version was torn apart by critics and gamers alike. P1r4t8r of GameFAQs deemed it to be a new contender for the "Worst Game Ever" title, giving it a 0.5 out of 5.


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