Heroes of War

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― Todd Howard
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Heroes of War
"A poor man's version of Fire Emblem."
Genre(s): Turn-based strategy
Platform(s): PC
Release: 2005
Developer(s): Heroes Games
Publisher(s): Heroes Games

Heroes of War was a turn-based strategy created in 2005, under the website/developer name of "heroesgames". It has been shut down in less than 2 years but resurfaced in CNET's download portal. For unknown reasons, the game shifted from shareware to freeware.

Why It Sucks

  1. The game itself is just a generic turn-based strategy with no unique units.
  2. Unfair difficulty; you can only hold up to seven units (six naval units, one hero). In fact, your hero unit is seperate from other units. Oh, and the enemies can up to around 36 units!
  3. There are strangely three ways to measure how strong the enemies are, "alive", "attack", "defense". Apparently alive actually means in total how many units are there, which doesn't make sense. With the exception of the hero, the rest of the enemies are basically the same type. 
  4. To get stronger, you have to constantly fight off enemy after enemy markers on the world map, and you are constantly racing against the clock on how strong your units can get. 
  5. Speaking of the clock, there is a time limit as well. The game relies on ratchet-style progression, meaning what you do counts against your time, which is considered unacceptable in RPG games or trial-and-error based games.
  6. The game punishes you if you take too long. If you take more than 24 turns to finish off a battle, the game kicks you out and you lose one fame.
  7. The invasions are often times unpredictable without several playthroughs.
    • Even at then, there's an invasion which you have to beat to advance further in the story. After that, you get the main objective to take down the enemy HQ and then they sign a peace treaty for unknown reasons. 
  8. Overuse of the Comic Sans font.
  9. Very glitchy. Sometimes they tell you that you get shoes and sometimes it gives you gloves instead. Sometimes, a "blank" item appears which crashes the game.
  10. Bland music, there's only one music for the main gameplay, excluding the main menu.


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