Heroes of Might and Magic III - HD Edition

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Heroes of Might and Magic III is a turn-based strategy game developed by New World Computing and published by 3DO on February 28th, 1999.

In 2015, Ubisoft released a remaster of it which this page will cover. Note that Heroes of Might and Magic III is a great game, it's just this port that was awful.

Why This Port Sucks

  1. The main problem with this port is that it only includes Restoration of Erathia, no expansions. Because of that it misses a lot of content.
  2. The PC version is overpriced: It costs $15, but only includes the original game, while the GOG.com version is cheaper and includes all the expansions.
  3. The graphics are barely better than original.
  4. Despite the graphics being slightly better, the PC version's requirements are way higher than the original.
  5. Lots of bugs and glitches. For example, if a town cannot build a fort and it's built because it was set like that. The structures that can be built after that still look like they cannot but they can. Also, it plays random sounds that aren't supposed to.
  6. No random map generator for any of the versions.
  7. No map editor for the mobile version, unless you own an original copy of HoMM 3 and make maps for The Restoration of Erathia or get maps from maps4heroes.com .
  8. The map creature population increases way too fast.
  9. For some reason, everytime you exit a town, the music from it starts from the beggining.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. As said, Heroes of Might and Magic III is a great game. It's still enjoyable, but you'd better off buy the GOG.com version instead.
  2. It introduces modern gamers to a turn-based strategy classic.
  3. The tablet version is better, as it costs $10, it's a good game on platforms with mostly lackluster games and it has a purpose, unlike the PC version. Unfortunately, because of how bad 2018 was for gaming, it got delisted from both iOS App Store and Google Play Store, but you can download an APK file of it on the internet.


The PC version got a 65/100 on Metacritic from critics and a 4.3/10 from users (when the original got a 9.2/10). The tablet version got better reviews (73/100 and 7.2/10 from critics and users respectively).


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