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Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

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Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
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Hercules does not actually fight a dragon in this game. A centaur does fight one, but she is not fit to fight a dragon in this game. This game isn't fit for release either.
Genre(s): Action-adventure
Platform(s): Game Boy Color
Nintendo 64
Release: October 13, 2000
Developer(s): Player 1
Titus Interactive Studio (GBC)
Publisher(s): Titus Interactive
Country: United States

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys is a 2000 action-adventure game developed by Player 1 and published by Titus Interactive for the Nintendo 64 and even for the Game Boy Color. It is based on the American television series of the same name.

Why It Sucks

  1. The N64 version is a bad rip-off of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
  2. Despite being a rip-off of that game, there are no Power-Ups or abilities of some sort, other than just a coat that allows Hercules to go to a snowy place, just to progress through the game.
  3. Most of the first half of the game is blatant padding, as there is hardly any actual action gameplay. For most of the first half of the game, you walk through Villages, being forced to do mundane tasks for villagers. The only noteworthy objective you do in the first half of the game is to defeat a Cyclops, but that's it.
  4. The first half of the game also has lots of backtracking due to arbitrary requirements such as Hercules being unable to go to a cold village even though you found a coat, so you have to use Iolaus to get a coat large enough for Hercules for him to be able to go to the same village that Iolaus went through.
  5. You can easily do objectives out of order, and doing so causes you to be notified that you need an object that you haven't even heard of in-game to be able to access a location.
  6. The in the game demo has Hercules walking through a village.
  7. When you save the game, you don't get set to full health. The only way you heal is to get a beer. You can break barrels that contain beer and then pick it up. But strangely, taverns don't serve beer, and instead, they sell potions that cause damage to enemies around you. Taverns are supposed to be a place where you go to be served alcoholic beverages and food yet they don't sell beer or food in the taverns. That makes no sense.
  8. The first half of the game has no story at all. The second half suddenly gives you an objective to do.
  9. God-awful graphics that look extremely outdated even for 2000 standards.
  10. The third Minotaur boss fight is almost impossible to complete as it can withstand far too much damage and kill Hercules in less than 7 hits, making the boss fight take almost 20 minutes to complete.
  11. Somehow, Iolaus, a mortal human, is more capable of fighting than Hercules (who, not to forget, is the Demigod of fighting). He can attack enemies further away than Hercules can, and even though he has less health than Hercules, he appears to take less damage.
  12. Shooting as the Centaur lady requires you to stand still to line up your shots, and it is very difficult to shoot the target because you have to manually control how high you shoot the arrows. The correct angle to fire the arrow is shown in the red bar on the right side of the screen when you're lined up with the target.
  13. The boss fight with the lava Golem can easily be broken because you have to shoot the bullseye targets in a certain order, or the angle meter stops working due to a glitch, and you cannot tell how high you need to shoot the arrow to hit the targets. The Boss is also frustratingly difficult to beat, even if the fight isn't broken, as the Golem also constantly attacks by shooting fire, thus causing lots of damage to you, as you have to stand still to shoot the targets.
  14. The last location, Mount Olympus, can be really hard to get through. There is no way to heal or acquire more potions once you reach Olympus, making the game much harder at this point onwards. Of course, you can save the game on Olympus, but once you do so, there is no way back to the Main World, and the game never warns you that Olympus is the point of No Return. And if you go there without enough Health to encounter the Final Boss, you basically render the game unbeatable.



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