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Hentai Temple
This is the first UNCENSORED hentai game on Steam, and it totally sucks!
Genre: Puzzle
Platforms: PC (Steam)
Release Date: August 4, 2018
Developer: RewindApp
Publisher: RewindApp
Franchise: Hentai Temple
Next Game: Hentai Space

Hentai Temple is a puzzle game developed and published by RewindApp released on Steam in August 2018. It was considered to be the first fully uncensored pornographic video game to be ever published on Steam, (although Uncraft World and Haydee were released with sexually explicit workshop content).


Hentai Temple is a simple sliding puzzle featured a NSFW images of various anime girls, the game featured 20 (+5 in later update) levels.

Why It Sucks

  1. As its name suggests, the game itself is a hentai puzzle game featuring a handful of NSFW material, which are against Steam's rules, but it somehow managed to get published on Steam. Although Valve later getting rid of anti-pornography rules month later after this game were released.
    • To make this more ridiculous, one of the preview image of the game in store page featured an uncensored topless shot, while other game with nudity such as Conan: Exiles or Grand Theft Auto V does not use such explicit image for previewing their games.
  2. Plain and boring "levels", it was basically a small room with no door or window covered with bricks, and a 3x3 hentai puzzle panel placed on the floor.
  3. Despite plain and simplistic design, the game requires 64-bit Windows to run.
  4. Ridiculously easy, as there were no time limit or anything to challenging the gameplay.
  5. All of anime girl images that were used in the game was stolen. and to avoid copyright infringement, the developers cropped the image to covering the face of the character.
  6. The hentai imagery is nothing but just a gimmick, as it's just a bland puzzle game.
  7. The developers also spamming many tags on the game such as "Story Rich", "Psychological Horror", and "Strategy" to make their games appeared on said category.
  8. False advertising: The developers spammed all of the language tags (that were used to indicates if the game featuring other languages), while in reality, only English language available.



Yoni Arousement

6 months ago
Score 0
I'm curious if the artwork used in this game can be found on Pixiv.


6 months ago
Score 0
You can simply screenshot the jigsaw and using Saucenao to track the original image.

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