He-Man: Power of Greyskull

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He-Man: Power of Greyskull
He-Man - Power of Grayskull Coverart.png
A good franchise, a crappy game
Genre: Action
Hack and Slash
Platforms: Game Boy Advance
Release Date: October 29, 2002
Developer: Taniko
Publisher: TDK Mediactive
Franchise: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

He-Man: Power of Greyskull is an action, adventure, 2D, hack and slash, platforming video game based on the popular 1980's franchise He-Man and the Master's of the Universe, particulary the 2002 reboot. It was originally released for the Game Boy Advance in North America on October 29, 2002.

Why It Sucks

  1. Horrible perspectives. The view of the game is overhead slanted, which made it difficult to tell how far away He-Man is from an enemy or a ledge.  
  2. Ugly graphics.  
  3. The enemies in the game don't make any sense and most of them aren't from the series.  
  4. Poor hit detection.  
  5. Needlessly frustrating and difficult because of the bad controls.  
  6. Laggy controls.  
  7. The story is also nonsensical and the objectives that you have to do has nothing to do with He-Man.  
  8. Terrible soundtrack.  
  9. It was released on a handheld console only, which automatically limited the audience that would play it, which is pretty bad for a game based on He-Man.  
  10. Awful voices.  
  11. The game features tons of glitches, some game breaking and some not game breaking.

Redeeming Quality

  1. The game at least features all of the characters that fans of He-Man would want to see.


He-Man: Power of Greyskull was subject to mixed to average reviews by critics.