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Grand Theft Auto Online (2016-present)

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Grand Theft Auto Online
"You cannot store any vehicles in this garage until purchased online"
This game
Genre(s): Action-adventure
Platform(s): PlayStation 3[1]
Xbox 360[1]
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 5
Xbox Series X/S
Release: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
October 1, 2013
PlayStation 4, Xbox One
November 18, 2014
Microsoft Windows
April 14, 2015
PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S
March 15, 2022
Engine: RAGE
Developer(s): Rockstar North
Publisher(s): Rockstar Games
Country: United Kingdom
Series: Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto Online (commonly referred as GTA Online) is an online action-adventure game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. It is the online component of a 2013 game Grand Theft Auto V set within the fictional state of San Andreas.

The 7th and 8th generation console versions of GTA Online were included with GTA V, whereas the 9th generation version is optionally available as a standalone game.

Bad Qualities

  1. The main criticisms leveled at GTA Online are that 90 percent of the content in-game is overpriced, with ridiculously high prices compared to single-player. For example, certain content in The Contract update, such as the Stun Gun, which is only available in single-player and costs $100, is now available in Online for $375,000. Given the game's tremendous popularity in September 2013 and Rockstar's marketing style shiftiness, it's execrable to include micro-transactions in a paid game that was originally launched on consoles.
    • The Shark Cards are overpriced and not worth it, examples:
      • Red Shark Card ($3): one of the cheapest and grants just $100K; most of the weapons including attachments are very expensive. The Special Carbine costs $14,750 and all of its upgrades costs $119,850, meaning all of this cost $134,600 just for one weapon, making this Shark Card completely useless.
      • Tiger Shark Card ($5): worth $200K, and, like the Red Shark Card, practically everything in this game is overpriced, so it's useless yet again.
      • Bull Shark Card ($10): worth $500K, that would be the same price of a single Turismo R, a car that is not even in the top half fastest supercars.
      • Great White Shark Card ($20): worth $1.25M. This one can get you something, but only for anything that's cheap.
      • Whale Shark Card ($50): worth $3.5M, and while it is the second most valuable Shark Card in the game, if you buy two of them, it grants only $7M; even worse, it costs $100 to buy two.
      • Megalodon Shark Card ($100): the most expensive Shark Card of the game, granting $8M; this Shark Card is an infamous cash-grab due the overpriced content in the game. Adding insult to injury, you can only buy a Oppressor and a Oppressor Mk II or a Oppressor Mk II with a Deluxo plus a Bull Shark Card and a Tiger Shark Card, in total that would cost $112, on a mode that was intended to be played only on a (formerly) full-priced $60 game.
      • It's perplexing that you have to adhere to society and spend money to gain goods in Grand Theft Auto(which is another term for carjacking, the main feature in the game) a game about bucking the system and robbing/killing your way to the top.
      • Worse, if you live in the United States, you are essentially being ripped off, as Shark Cards are more expensive on the American market for whatever reason.
      • The worst part is that you can simply go to a site like Eneba (basically a gaming Marketplace similar to G2A, albeit more safer to use) and purchase the Megalodon Shark Card for at least 30€ (PC), saving you a huge 70€ and completely undermining the purpose of purchasing them from Rockstar's store!
    • If that wasn't enough, Rockstar launched their own premium subscription service for the 9th gen versions of GTA Online, called GTA+, which is basically like Bethesda's Fallout 1st subscription for Fallout 76, except much, much worse, since it also has, you guessed it, exclusive Shark Card offers for GTA+ players.
  2. It ruined any possible chances of single-player DLC, as Rockstar only cares about this mode and added no new single-player content for years.
    • This was even more insulting because content from this mode was being added to single-player until the Lowriders update.
    • Further insult to injury, Rockstar had promised single-player content in the Heists announcement, despite the fact that there isn't any new content.
    • Because of this, most of the cars returning from GTA IV and other previous titles are completely Online exclusive.
  3. When compared to the base single-player game, the enemy AI is extremely challenging and broken, as they are immensely strong, have enormous quantities of health (causing you to only use Headshots), laser-perfect accuracy, and can kill you in just a few shots.
    • A Reddit video clip[2] showed that the enemy's AI can kill you from miles away in less than 2 seconds.
    • Unlike in Story Mode, where the player might be busted by officers and only begin to be fired upon at a two-star wanted level, being wanted in Online immediately brings you under fire from cops due to the absence of the Busting mechanic. In addition, over half of all cops in the game who spawn in cars are armed with pump-action shotguns.
  4. Many weapons and vehicles copy Saints Row[3], even though futuristic elements have no place in the GTA universe, and past games made this work much better to boot. Even the official Saints Row Twitter account noticed this![4]
    • The Doomsday Heist update in particular was very guilty of forcing futuristic elements in. While the return of the jet pack from San Andreas is acceptable for most players, the inclusion of the infamous Deluxo (a flying DeLorean DMC-12 that shoots missiles), and a plot that involves saving the world from an evil Elon Musk (Avon Hertz), his super A.I. and an army of clones and stealth cyborgs is simply too outlandish for game that is supposed to be about being a street criminal.
  5. Speaking of the vehicles, some of them are extremely overpowered and abused by tryhards and griefers, most notably the Hydra/P-996 LAZER, the Deluxo the Oppressor and its infamous Mk II version.
  6. Many missions can be broken, such as the Diamond Casino Heist. Regardless of the approach you take, after you exit from the building, there is a chance that the game will soft-lock with an infinite loading screen, preventing you from progressing.
  7. Being a CEO, VIP or MC President, while profitable, is a pain on public servers. Players are rewarded for destroying or hijacking shipments. This is not helped by the large number of tryhards and griefers in the community.
    • To add further insult, there's a limit on how many CEO's, VIP's or MC Presidents there can be. Sometimes the game removes your privileges for no reason.
  8. New players will constantly get phone calls (especially from English Dave) and notifications begging them to buy properties or service vehicles even if they can't afford them. And even if you buy these ridiculously overpriced items, the phone calls keep coming to nag you about using your newly purchased assets more often! It's as if the player has paid $30 (plus subscription fees if they are on console) for a personal telemarketer.
    • Worse still is how these phone calls can actively interfere with gameplay, they can prevent you from running, jumping, climbing or performing critical life saving actions such as deploying your plane's countermeasures.
  9. There are tons of generic missions like Racing (excluding some variations of it) and Deathmatch, that almost nobody plays due to low payouts.
  10. The AI-controlled armed aircraft are obvious examples of artificial difficulty; they can fire their aircraft machineguns or miniguns in any direction without having to point their guns at you, which can be annoying if an AI Savage uses its explosive minigun and can hit even if a player is directly behind it. This is not possible with player-controllable Savages.
  11. If you start selling products (regardless if you're a CEO, VIP or MC President) on Public Lobbies, there will be a high risk that your Cargo or Product will be destroyed by toxic cargo griefers, that mostly are often flying on an Oppressor MK II (unless if you have a friend to be a VIP and work with you in selling the Cargo). And if they destroy your Cargo or Product successfully, they will only get $2,000 and that's it.
  12. The game is an enormous grindfest. Even with the doubled rewards that change every week, many tasks provide relatively little money. To unlock overpowered vehicles such as the Oppressor MK II, for example, you must buy the Bunker or Nightclub, Mobile Operations Center or Terrorbyte, and purchase the Vehicle Workbench (both of which can set you back millions of dollars), as well as do research, which can take up to five hours just to complete one project. To make matters worse, you have no control over what you investigate because it is dependent on RNG (Random Number Generator)!
    • For some reason, even content available in single player are priced much higher online. For instance, buying a suppressor for your Micro Uzi SMG costs $1,937 in single player, yet in online it costs $12,150.
    • To make matters worse, you can't do CEO/MC missions on Invite Only, Solo, Friends, or Crew sessions; any and all sales that involve sales of Cargo, Nightclub, any MC businesses, Gunrunning and Aircraft sales has to be done in Public sessions only, which can then make you a target for griefers because the developers don't want their players earning profit the safe way. Ever. Unless you can do so on PC, you can't do so on next-gen consoles and it's mostly reliant on luck.
  13. Properties and various vehicles are insanely overpriced. Every property (such as Hangars, Facilities, Night Clubs, etc) and vehicles, such as the Oppressors, Deluxo, Scramjet and Avenger added in each new update can cost up to millions of dollars in-game, forcing you to either grind for days or simply buy Shark Cards.
    • There's also the idea that the player has to pay bills like utilities, which is outright nonsensical. Why do the players have to pay bills in a video game about robbery and car theft? While the prices in the beginning may be tolerable, once you've acquired a decent number of properties it becomes outright ludicrous. To the point where you'll be charged more than $40,000 every 48 minutes (one in-game day).
    • Some of the vehicle prices make absolutely no sense. For example, the Beater Dukes (1969 Dodge Charger R/T) costs $378,000, while the standard Dukes costs $62,000. Isn't the whole purpose of a "beater" car to be cheaper than the "clean" model?
    • Regarding about vehicle prices most of tuner vehicles such as Dinka Blista Kanjo (Honda Civic Type-R EK9), Karin Calico GTF (Toyota Celica GT-FOUR ST205) or the Annis ZR350 (Mazda RX-7 FD3S) costs way too expensive for a tuner compared to the real licensed car's prices in certain racing game franchises such as Gran Turismo, Need For Speed or Forza.
    • Some items are extremely expensive that are really not worth it making a severe money waste such as the RM-10 Bombushka (a larger bomber plane) which costs $6,000,000 but so slow that it cannot even outrun police helicopters, and the infamous Luxor Deluxe (a golden variant of the Luxor) which costs 10,000,000 but the performance statistics are almost identical to the original version.
  14. The Diamond Casino & Resort update was a complete disaster (excluding The Diamond Casino Heist), as it added a literal gambling system that you could spend chips on, with the ability to get more chips with real money. This led to the update being blocked in more than 50 countries[5] and is held as one of the worst offenders of predatory monetization tactics by AAA companies, alongside with the other atrocity that done this, the atrocity said being NBA 2K20 and 2K21.
  15. Many things available in Story Mode, like the ability to buy and sell stock from BAWSAQ, are unavailable online.
  16. Some of the new updates don't fit in or outright contradict the continuity of the series and they even ruined the HD Universe's canon. That's because apparently, Rockstar decided to make GTA Online not only take place before the Story Mode (note that the Story Mode is set in 2013), but also take place after it. A good example of the first update to take place after the Story is the Gunrunning update, which is slated to take place in 2017 (at the time of the update's release).
    • That's also the reason why post-2013 songs on the radio exist for certain updates (like iFruit Radio).
    • Despite being the mode set in present day with each update, the game still feels like it's set in 2013 due to Rockstar being too lazy to change the map. The Mile High Club building in Downtown Los Santos, for instance, is still left in its unfinished state.
  17. Businesses like Gunrunning and Motorcycle Clubs only generate products if you are in Freeroam. Playing a Job or having the game switched off prevents generating products, which is made worse by Freeroaming being mandatory for it.
  18. Rockstar discontinued content updates for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of GTA Online less than two years after launch.
    • This was due to technical limitations of these consoles, as Rockstar had admitted the game was pushing the aging 7th gen hardware to their limits and was running out of available system memory on both consoles to handle additional DLC updates. While the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions remained playable for over six years after the end of content updates, these versions of GTA Online were permanently shut down on December 16, 2021.
    • Coincidentally, the end of content updates for the 7th generation versions was also the end of official content updates for single-player, since all subsequent content updates would be Online exclusive.
  19. The "Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack" DLC is a complete joke. You only get three weapons (Marksman Rifle, Compact Rifle, Compact Grenade Launcher, all of which are impractical), ten vehicles that aren't even armored, or have weapons (with the only one being the Dune FAV, which is generally unpopular and useless since a second play is needed onboard to fire the weapons), some of the cheapest properties in the entire game (some of them being considered outright terrible due to their horrendous locations), and a measly $1,000,000.
    • The only useful stuff you get from the pack are the Organization office and the Clubhouse with the Counterfeit Cash business, but you still need to get other businesses to get a decent amount of money.
  20. This whole problem and its messes are later carried over to the company's next Multiplayer mode of Red Dead Online from Red Dead Redemption 2, for an example like where even their "Beta" (Early access) version looks ugly unfinished and even more disastrous.
  21. Rockstar released yet another version of GTA V for the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S in March of 2022, with content updates for the PS4 and Xbox One versions of GTA Online eventually coming to a close. This is highly frustrating to fans waiting for a new installment in the GTA series.
  22. Players have reported losing all of their progress in GTA Online on the 8th gen versions once they transfer their characters to the 9th gen versions, which is inexcusable, as when players transferred their characters from the 7th gen console versions to the 8th gen versions, they got to keep their progress on both platforms.
  23. Many people got their accounts reset due to the Property Trade-In Abuse[6], and while there were people who got their account reset fairly, there were also people who got reset for no absolute reason at all. This was very poorly received by the playerbase.[7][8]
  24. Modders, with their number one purpose on online being to ruin everyone else's game. They're responsible for getting lots of fair players accounts banned or reset through various exploits. They're everywhere on the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Online and are now slowly starting to pop up in the PS4 and Xbox One versions.
    • The security of the game got worse as the years passed on; hackers can steal your personal information, ban you with no effort at all, and even reveal your Rockstar ID. This gets even worse, as they can also find where you live, including your city, country, ISP, latitude/longitude coordinates, mobile data, proxy, region and zip code.
      • Worse yet, Rockstar almost never takes action against these hackers. Even if they're banned, they can very easily resurface by buying the same game with a different ID and continue on with their hacking endeavors, thus making Rockstar's pathetic efforts at permanently banning them all the more useless.
    • Rockstar is not concerned about this issue, unless it affects the in-game economy and their ability to make real world money from Shark Cards. Yes, they will go as far as sacrificing the privacy of players, solely for money's sake.
      • Rockstar's support is even worse since they often don't really respond to any and all issues involving players using mod menus, and no, you cannot report these kinds of players because not only can their menu detect on who are they reporting, but they can remove/block reports sent against them and even either crash the other players' game off of the session, or even kick them back off to single player.
  25. The 7th generation console servers of the game (for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360) were shut down on December 16, 2021; the ability to purchase Shark Cards on these platforms ended three months before the server sunset date. Now after the online servers have been shut down, GTA Online is no longer accessible on these platforms, resources such as Online characters (stats via website also included) were lost forever, the Leaderboards were deactivated, even community-made races and DMs were removed, by after, you can't view the stat tracking page of the last-gen version anymore, not just a sad ending to veterans or people that only play on these respective consoles, due the unbalanced content in newer versions of the game (Oppressor Mk. II and Orbital Cannon), but a freakout to achievement/trophy hunters, when the online trophies are mandatory requirements to get the platinum trophy, worse yet after Rockstar disabled the Run Like The Wind trophy in 2017, preventing any player trying to get the platinum trophy, making impossible to get because that, the online servers of L.A. Noire and Max Payne 3 are also shut down for good.[9]
  26. The PC version is an obvious cesspool of hackers and griefers alike running rampant in every server, and it makes it even worse whenever you're in an empty public session then all of a sudden, ten players pop up all at once with no intention of leaving, which then becomes a total warzone. Worse, despite that Grand Theft Auto Online is rife with hackers and Rockstar's lazy peer-to-peer nature of sessions (even by yourself) is a major lag-fest, even on the best PCs. Even though they have obviously earned billions, they simply have no intention in ever fixing their servers whatsoever.
  27. Due to their desire to defend their precious cash cow, Take-Two Interactive has even tried to interfere with the single player modding community. Such as their (thankfully failed due to massive community backlash) attempt to discontinue the OpenIV modding software, as well as when they sent private investigators to the developers of FiveM (a GTA V multiplayer service that provides custom lobbies which allows all to use mods, roleplay or take part in custom scenarios) and try to intimidate them into abandoning the project.
  28. Some vehicles added in the game throughout DLC has wrong manufacturing (this is also present in single player) most notably the Kuruma (Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X CZ4A) being manufactured by Karin (Toyota/Subaru) instead of Maibatsu (Mitsubishi), both the Jester Classic (Toyota Supra JZA80) and the Jester RR (Toyota Supra J29/DB) are manufactured by Dinka (Honda) instead of Karin (Toyota/Subaru) and the Revolter (Cadillac Escala) being manufactured by Übermacht (BMW) instead of Albany (Cadillac).
  29. When it snows on the map when it is around Christmas, navigating the map can be a total pain because if your car isn't optimized for the snow, then it will be slipping all over the place making the car a huge pain to drive. This makes the game unplayable.
  30. Numerous bugs and glitches, such as constant frame rate drops, getting kicked out of a lobby for no reason, constant lag, cars appearing and disappearing randomly, spawning in the sky, broken NPC A.I, textures not loading properly etc.

Good Qualities

  1. The core gameplay and Jobs can be fun at times.
    • Speaking about Jobs, the game offers over 500 of them, which is quite a lot.
  2. Rockstar occasionally gives out free money for players that log into the game, or give offers that can be helpful.
    • For example, they made an offer where linking your Amazon account that has an active Prime Gaming membership with your Social Club account will give you a million GTA$. What's even better though is that by just playing the game every month, you'll also gain another million GTA$, which can be helpful in the future if you save enough.
  3. As already mentioned, you can be a CEO, VIP or MC President to help cut back on grinding. If you have enough friends, that works too.
  4. Many of the characters from Grand Theft Auto IV appear here, such as "Gay" Tony Prince and Brucie Kibbutz. Claude and Niko can also be parent characters if you have the premium version of V. Certain characters from V's story mode are also present, such as Jimmy De Santa and Lazlow.
  5. The Arcade games are awesome. The games are:
    • Don't Cross The Line: It is a game which is based on the popular games like the classic Snake with the functions similar to The players must control a line while avoid colliding with the other players.
    • Invade and Persuade II: The game consists of controlling a minitank in a sidescrolling game. The objective is claim petrol from America and advancing to the Moon level. This game has a Konami code in where activating during the title screen, the player can start with 99 lives. However, this prevents the player to obtain the "Life Saver" award.
    • Race and Chase: A two-player trilogy game based in the popular classic arcade racing games such as Hang-On and OutRun. There are three types of transport and each of them handles differently depending which type of vehicle plays.
      • Crotch Rockets: The players can drive a red or green racing motorbike Pegassi Bati 801RR (Ducati Desmosedici RR). It has an smaller hitbox allowing to cross wide paths. It is based in the arcade motorcycle videogame Hang-On.
      • Get Truckin': The players can drive either Trevor's red Canis Bodhi (Kaiser Jeep M-715) or the blue Canis Merryweather Mesa (2007 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited JK). They're the slowest of three which can be useful for an award "Beat the Traffic" which unlocks the Race and Chase Vehicles Tee in the player's wardobe.
      • Street Legal: The players can drive either the pink Grotti Turismo Classic convertible (Ferrari F40 Convertible) or the yellow Pegassi Torero (1987 Lamborghini Countach LP5000 QV). They're the fastest of the three. This game is incredibly based in the classic racing arcade videogame OutRun.
    • Badlands Revenge II: A light-gun western game in where players must shoot the enemies while avoiding shooting the hostages. In October 21, 2021 released a ROM hack of this game named "Camhedz" which is heavily inspired in the Manhunt franchise.
    • Space Monkey 3: Bananas Gone Bad: A sidescrolling shooter game based on Galaga R-Type and Star Fox as well as the sequel of Go Go Space Monkey from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The goal is defeating enemies in order to defeat Dr. Dank and his bosses.
    • The Wizard's Ruin: A Castlevania-style game based in the medieval fantasy in where the player has the control of Thog who lives with his brother Grog. Defeating enemies grants the player gold as well the player can super strengthen to make his attacks even stronger. Completing the game unlocks the Grog Mode in where the player takes the control of Grog in where the he can drop a lot of valuable gold which can be ideal of obtaining awards like "Coin Purse" (which can be obtained by collecting 950 treasures in a single playthrough), "Platinum Sword" (which can be obtained by scoring at least 1.000.000 points in a single playthrough) and "Feelin' Groggy" (which can be obtained by completing the game as Grog). Grog cannot super strengthen making it challenging and tough.
    • Defender of the Faith: The first game from Degenatron. The goal of the game is moving a red square to the left or to the right and collecting the green squares and avoiding the blue squares.
    • Monkey's Paradise: The second game from Degenatron. The goal of the game is swinging from green square to green square with a red square. It is based in the videogame Pitfall!.
    • Penetrator: (Not to be confused with the supercar of the same name based in the Jaguar XJ220) The third game from Degenatron. The goal of the game is shooting green squares with a red square and avoid let them to penetrate the player.
    • QUB3D: A 4-tile tetris videogame in where the player must make 4-tiles of the same color. This videogame appeared originally in Grand Theft Auto IV.
  6. You can very easily mod the PC version of GTA V to spawn cars and weapons from GTA Online in the single player mode.
  7. The DLC updates are free.
  8. Finally, after 7 years, Rockstar made an update known as The Cayo Perico Heist, where players can now leave the main map to explore a new island and do an all new Heist. Best of all, the ability to play it Solo is available - If you could get all the necessary preps done and proceed to the heist well without any issues, it only takes a few hours to rack up several million. And yes. All of this without being plagued by trolls.
  9. Finally, thanks to GitHub user t0st for deciding to (finally) discover a way to resolve the long loading times, Rockstar has officially put the fix in the game, cutting the load times by up to 70% to be the same quality as the previous-generation versions. They even paid him $10K as a reward.
  10. The Contract, the latest DLC update, finally reveals what one of the main heroes (in this case, Franklin) did after the events of the main story.
    • In the same DLC, Lamar Davis mocks NFTs by referring to them as "non-fuckable tokens", proving that they are against NFTs.
  11. The Criminal Enterprises update nerfed the effectiveness of the Oppressor MkII's homing missiles and countermeasures to make the game somewhat balanced (due to the still introuducion of the Deluxo and the Orbital Cannon). What's better that the ability to play the Sell missions (Air Cargo, Vehicle Cargo, Nightclub and MC businesses) in "Invite Session" meaning that you can play alone as well as increasing the payouts in everything from simple contact missions, races to even heists mitigating the chances to make the game pay-to-win, similar to the update 1.11 in Gran Turismo 7.


At the time of the mode's release, just like its main single player component, Grand Theft Auto Online was initially met with positive reviews at release, however, it was also polarizing due to technical issues it suffered at launch, with it being criticized for having repetitive missions and the inability to play them. While the free updates that the game received start to improve the experience, it was offset by the issues mentioned above.

While Grand Theft Auto Online has the critical scores of 83/100 and 80/100 for PlayStation 3 [10] and Xbox 360[11] respectively, user reviews were much more mixed, with 5.9 and 5.8 respectively, with its 8th generation release having a slightly lower user score of 5.5 for the PlayStation 4[12] and 5.7 for the Xbox One.[13]


  • This is the GTA game with the most amount of cars based on the movies and TV shows especially cars from the The Fast and the Furious franchise movies like the BF Ramp Buggy based on the Flip Car from Fast and Furious 6, the Wastelander based in the Mongo from Fast Five, the Vigilante based in the Batmobile 1989 from Batman series franchise as well several cars can be modified to resemble cars from movies/TV shows to be modified like in the movies such as the Weeny Issi Classic can be modified to resemble Mr. Bean's Mini Cooper Mk1, the Dinka Jester Classic can be modified to several Fast and Furious liveries like the "10-Second Car" livery that resembles Brian O'Conner's Toyota Supra MKIV from the first movie and the Slap Dash livery that resembles the one used in 2 Fast 2 Furious.
    • Also there are vehicles based on other games like the Bravado Gauntlet Classic can be modified to resemble John Tanner's Dodge Challenger R/T 1970 from Driver: San Francisco, the liveries "Racing The Edge" from the Obey 8F Drafter and the "Speed Demon" from the Übermacht Cypher are resemblance to the iconic BMW M3 GTR Race (E46) from Need For Speed: Most Wanted (2005) and Need For Speed Carbon and the "Rolling Dude No.7" from the Karin Futo and Karin Futo GTX making reference to the Rolling Guy team in the Tokyo Xtreme Racer series and the "Delivery Boy" from the Karin Futo GTX is reminiscent to Takumi Fujiwara's Trueno from Initial D.
  • There is a Konami cheat code in the Invade and Persuade Tank II arcade minigame that gives the player 99 lives at the start of the game. This, however, prevents receiving the Life Saver award.




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