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― Todd Howard
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KOG's another attempt to recreate the new cash cow to replace Elsword, yet they have failed again.
Genre(s): MMORPG
Platform(s): PC
Release: April 30, 2019
Developer(s): KOG
Publisher(s): KOG
Series: Grand Chase
Predecessor: Alma Online
Successor: Return Alive (via release date)

KurtzPel also known as Kurtzpel: Bringer of Chaos is a hack-n-slash MMORPG developed with Unreal Engine 4 by KOG and released in 2019. It's supposed to be based on a parallel timeline of one of KOG's former games, Grand Chase.

Bad Qualities

  1. False Advertising: Elesis and Arme are shown in the trailers, but never appear in the game.
  2. The tutorial is extremely confusing, it doesn't help to guide newcomers to get used to the game. Also, it confuse the older players as well, such as an completely inaccurate guide to defeat some bosses, forcing them to do trial-and-error their movesets.
  3. The game suffered from poor optimization on mid-to-low PC devices.
  4. PvE dungeons are mostly just a single boss and have barely any depth into them. There are no regular enemies in the game at all. The game doesn't know if it wants to be PvP-centered or not as determined by the amount of PvE content when compared to PvP.
  5. Since December 2019, KOG released a series of "patches" to remove storylines, NPCs, and most of PvE contents from the game and made the entire game PvP-focused. This causes major plotholes in the game.
  6. The game is pretty much a pay-to-win, since new players can get easily cheesed by more seasoned players in PvP and they had to go through a painful grind to collecting materials to craft a new gear or unlock new classes. This made worse in July 2020 patch in which KOG introducing a new system to "skip" the grind entirely, while forced the players to grinding only via PvP mode by almost completely remove the PvE mode.
  7. You cannot pick the classes (called karmas) at your own, you had to buy them or undergo painstakingly long quests to earn them. This is made even worse when the DLC classes power-creep the free ones.
    • Ranged classes had an unfair advantage in PvP due to they can stun their targets while melee classes had to get close to even attack. This is worsened by the fact that it also uses Peer-2-Peer multiplayer, which is unacceptable by 2019 standards.
  8. While the game is trying to capitalize on a parallel universe of Grand Chase, it doesn't do a good job of representing the source material; with only having remixes of the original characters, heroes being called "Chasers", and a hardest difficulty setting called "Grand Chase". It feels like the Grand Chase references are only there to bandwagon the game, especially with the recent releases of Amy and Ryan, which are just returning characters.
    • The recent character, Luna Erudon, is basically a genderbent version of Ronan Erudon from Grand Chase.
  9. Similar to Elsword, KOG ignored various criticism about the game's issue. Although their latest response to the community on December 2019 promised that they will fix various problems, they haven't fixed any problems as of now, which shows how lazy they are.

Good Qualities

  1. Unlike other MMORPGs, KurtzPel's character creation is very detailed, some customizable options including pupils, breasts size, weight, etc.
  2. Decent graphics.
  3. KurtzPel has been improved recently, featuring revamps to improve the game's balance and all new PvE that also includes enemies to fight as well.
  4. The concept of a multiplayer competitive slasher where instead of guns, you used different melee weapons is a very unique idea, and would serve as a standout amongst other competitive-focused games.


  • KurtzPel was originally developed to be a retail game instead of a F2P game in the same format as Overwatch, but they switched over to F2P to be more accessible.


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