Goemon 3's fan translator harrassed by SJWs

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The new decade has barely begun and already the SJWs have already found someone's life to ruin.
A fan translator (known online as Tom, who also goes by the Twitter handle "RetroTranslator") had spent over 4 years and over $400 in research to translate the Japanese only video game, Ganbare Goemon 3: Shishijyūrokubei no Karakuri Manji Katame (translated; Go for it! Goemon 3: The Mecha Leg Hold of Jurokube Shishi). [1]

Despite the hard work and money, one piece of text was translated as Kemeko: "I'm actually a tranny. Should I tell my boyfriend the truth! After this, a writer for Hardcore Gaming 101, Kurt Kalata[2], accused the translation of being "transphobic," and "right-wing" and unleashed harassment on Twitter. Shortly after, the SJW forum (don't call it a gaming forum) ResetERA found out about it and accused Tom of transphobia as well. What both neglected to mention was Tom was actually being accurate and refusing to censor the game.

Because of the backlash, a slur-free patch was added[3] but then seemingly updated to only include the slur-free patch[4]. The backlash also caused Tom to delete his entire online presence and apparently crushed his passion for translating video games[5].

Tom has made various fan translations for other games since then, including the Super Chinese World series, Tetris Battle Gaiden, and Bahamut Lagoon in collaboration with Byuu (the creator of the BSNES and Higan emulators), so it seems his passion for translation hasn't died completely. His current projects include, but aren't limited to, Bushi Seiryuuden - Futari no Yuusha (which is being translated as Warriors: Legend of the Blue Dragon - The Two Heroes), Arc the Lad: Kijin Fukkatsu, the Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Children games, and a retranslation of the original Super Chinese World game (which was originally localized under the name Super Ninja Boy).



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