Godzilla Unleashed

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Godzilla Unleashed
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The disappointing conclusion to the otherwise awesome Pipeworks Godzilla games.
Genre: Fighting
Platforms: Nintendo DS
PlayStation 2
Release Date: November 20, 2007
Developer: Pipeworks Software
Publisher: Atari
Franchise: Godzilla
Previous Game: Godzilla: Save the Earth

Godzilla Unleashed is a 3D fighting game released for the Nintendo Wii and PS2 in 2007, developed by Pipeworks Software and published by Atari. This is the third and final instalment in the trilogy of Godzilla fighting games made by Pipeworks Software.

Bad Qualities

  1. The Wii version uses motion controls, which is not good for a fighting game.
  2. The PS2 version only has 20 monsters while the Wii version has 26 monsters. So basically, The PS2 version is just Godzilla: Save The Earth with two new monsters.
  3. The DS Version is just horrible.
  4. One of the new monsters, Obsidius is a clone of Orga from Godzilla 2000 (only in the PS2 version, as he has his own separate animations in the Wii version).
  5. The Wii version does not have blocking or combos. You know, two basic staples of fighting games!
  6. In the first two Godzilla games, the breath attacks cause the opponent to get flung across the map, but in this game, opponents do not get sent flying, which is not as exciting.
  7. Breath attacks are not blockable. The only way to cancel the attack is to ram your opponent.
  8. When you engage in a beam fight, you use the nunchucks and shake the Wii remote to move the ball of light to your opponent. So basically, it's like Pong, but not as fun (if it even registers with the Wii remote constantly shaking).
  9. The game has balancing issues with the monsters like Destoroyah. His horn attack can take half of the opponent's health bar and it doesn't use energy unlike in the previous two games.
  10. The game also has numerous glitches. For example, Megaguirus has an beam with a near-infinite range.
  11. Most of the monsters' moves don't work.
  12. The audio will sometimes desynch with the action if there's a lot going on during a fight.
  13. King Caesar, Godzilla 1954, and Godzilla 1990 have no theme music. Whenever you play one of these three monsters, there will be no music playing.
  14. There's not a lot of destruction in this game.
  15. The buildings are overpowered if they're thrown at an opponent and will take away half a health bar.
  16. There's no air-juggling or air attacks, unlike in the previous games.
  17. The PS2 version does not have a training mode.
  18. Most of the monsters are not available in the store from the start. In order to get all the monsters, you must do objectives that are in story mode which means you have to do on objective at a time which means you must play story mode eleven times to make all monsters available for purchase.
  19. The cutscenes are still images with voice acting.
  20. The voice acting in the cutscenes do not synch up with the captions and the voice actors sound like they're uninterested.
  21. Unlike Godzilla: Save the Earth, you cannot play each stage at day or night.

Good Qualities

  1. The music sounds awesome.
  2. The graphics are good.
  3. The character roster on the Wii has more variety.
  4. It has two original monsters, Obsidius and Krystalak, who looks awesome. Krystalak and Obsidius were both created by SpaceGodzilla and are "brothers".
  5. The PS2 version at least has good controls.
  6. Customizable options.
  7. Monsters are divided into four factions. Earth Defenders, Global Defense Force, Aliens and Mutants and they have different goals in Story Mode.
  8. The crystals that are in Story Mode are helpful and makes the Story Mode less tedious.
  9. Cheat codes are provided so that people won't have to play Story Mode a bunch of times.
  10. Most people actually find this game fun depending on what person they are. Diehard Godzilla fans, for example, consider it one of the best Godzilla games of all time.





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