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Glu Mobile (2012-present)

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Glu Mobile
Glu Mobile logo.svg
When your official company slogan is the leader in 3D freemium mobile gaming, this is definitely not good.
Type: Subsidiary
Founded: June 2005
Headquarters: San Francisco, California, United States
Key people: Nick Earl (CEO and President)
Owner: Tencent (14.46%) (2015-2021)
Parent: Electronic Arts (2021-present)

Glu Mobile, Inc. is an American developer and publisher of video games for mobile phones and tablet computers. The company was founded in San Francisco, California in June 2005.

The company was partially acquired by Tencent in 2015, and in 2021, the company was acquired by Electronic Arts following an agreement with Tencent to buy $2.8 billion of their share in Glu Mobile.

Why They Suck Now

  1. Many of their games are essentially a reskin to one another, especially various rail shooter games released during the time that the company was owned by Tencent.
  2. They heavily rely on pay-to-win mechanics, as they add way too many microtransactions into their games and some are extremely overpriced, thanks to their owners' attitudes. They also tend to add always-online DRM so you will be forced to watch ads and pay for MTX without bypassing.
  3. They shut down most of the GameSpy services in 2012 with no warning to developers or consumers and then all of it in 2014. This caused many popular GameSpy enabled games to lose all multiplayer functionality, and rendered the GameSpy Arcade server browser effectively useless.
  4. They acquired the popular Deer Hunter franchise from Atari, and proceeded to ruin it by making the new games exclusive to mobile devices. They also proceeded to add microtransactions and always-online DRM.
  5. On March 24, 2021, they discontinued the popular mobile game QuizUp.
  6. A few years ago, some of their older games like Contract Killer: Sniper became unplayable without warning. Bug Village and Motocross Meltdown also got removed from all app stores without warning.
  7. Abysmal customer support.
  8. They rarely ever fix glitches in their games.
  9. Their new logo looks generic, comparing to their previous logo.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. They did have some good games like the aforementioned Bug Village, QuizUp and Motocross Meltdown.
  2. Their older games didn't heavily rely on pay-to-win mechanics like their newer ones do.


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